UNIDiversity Program

UNIDiversidad seeks to strengthen the USFQ as a space of trust and security for all members of its community, in an environment of freedom and respect. To this end, training and awareness activities are developed for teachers, administrative staff, physical plant and students. These activities cover topics of training in the handling of the necessary tools to recognize and avoid situations of discrimination, to have the capacity to offer immediate support to those involved and to refer them to the appropriate instances within the USFQ.

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About us

UNIDiversidad arises from a student initiative whose aim is to promote the well-being of the community through the active search for an environment of trust and empathy. Through its team of teachers and allies, it trains and guides the USFQ community to act in concrete situations related to respect for the individual and non-discrimination, according to the internal processes in place.

The fundamental purpose is to generate an environment of trust and productivity, with actions of awareness, which promote knowledge and empathy through sensitization oriented towards the prevention of any form of discrimination, without distinction of ethnicity, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, gender, skin color, sexual orientation and diversities of the hand of the "trainer-of-trainers" program.

If you have a project or want to be part of the UNIDiversidad team please contact us at unidiversidad@usfq.edu.ec

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the UNIDiversity program do?

The UNIDiversity Program proposes activities that include awareness workshops, colloquiums, conversations, campaigns, protocols and similar, aimed at students, teachers, administrative and service personnel who raise awareness and educate, based on experiences and theories that address these issues, about the socio-cultural construction of differences. The workshops, colloquiums and conversations allow us to obtain the necessary tools to confront situations where actions that can impact the well-being of people occur and are reproduced.

What is UNIDiversity's approach?

The UNIDiversity Program addresses the intersection of gender and sexuality identities and practices with other variables such as: ethnicity, social race, socioeconomic class, age, place of origin, religion, spirituality and others.

Who are the members?

The UNIDiversity program begins under the initiative of the USFQ Student Government 2015-2016 in alliance with an Interdisciplinary Committee, both General and Central, composed of professors, including Deans and Departmental Coordinators; members of the Student Government, the Deanship of Students and Administrative Staff.

Why work from empathy and intersectionality?

The UNIDiversity program works with the concept of empathy through awareness actions for all members of the USFQ community.

The mainstreaming of the gender focus is woven in this way with the identification of other forms of discrimination, based on the variables of ethnicity, "race", socioeconomic class, age, place of origin, religion, spirituality and others.

The concept of intersectionality, which originates in Feminist Studies through texts by theorists such as Crenshaw (1989) or McCall (2005), allows us to look at the functioning of multiple identities that are mutually constitutive and in constant conversation. In this way, it is possible to deepen an approach that analyzes the interaction of these different categories and their impact on the well-being of students and the university community.

Achievements and projects

The UNIDiversidad program was the winner in the Call for Students: "Building Equality and Environment in Higher Education" organized by UNESCO and SENESCYT in the category of Gender Equality.

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