Master's in Marketing

College of Business Administration and Economics
Master in Marketing
Academic School

1 semester and a half (3 semesters and 1 summer session)

Classes: 21

Total credits: 44

Academic hours: 2160

Teaching Mode
In-person classes.
Class sessions: 3 days a week.

Track 1: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.
Track 2 *: Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

* Track 2 will only open when Track 1 is completed.


Start of Classes
January 2023

Approved January 17th, 2018

Resolution RPC-SO-03.No.027-2018

Total Cost

Enrollment fee: $1,300

Application Examination Dates

July 9, 2022

July 23, 2022


USFQ's Master's in Marketing is committed to training professionals capable of performing management functions in the areas of marketing and sales in multinational, Ecuadorian, private, family and public companies at the highest levels.

Escuela de Empresas

Escuela de Empresas offers programs in business for the improvement of professional and business performance. The portfolio of programs includes master's degrees and executive education that foster the critical thinking necessary to find innovative and current solutions to the challenges faced by organizations.

The programs combine the development of the competencies demanded by companies with the philosophy of the liberal arts, and that is why our graduates stand out for their ability to interact successfully at the highest level with their peers in Ecuador and the world.


To be the liberal arts business school of reference in the region.


To transform individuals into leaders of critical thinking, liberal and entrepreneurial spirit.


To create professional wealth through passion for learning, self-management and personal growth.

Our Promise

To improve professional performance with programs that combine academic strength and applicability, liberal arts focus, and business management focused on management-leadership complementarity.  
Transform our participants into critical-thinking leaders to sustainably manage teams and companies.
Experience the global spirit of international study weeks and enhance the application of diverse contexts in the local reality.
Access a prestigious network of colleagues, faculty and leaders in the business community.

Master's Degree

We offer Master's Degrees in Business Administration, accredited by the Association of MBAs - AMBA, Marketing and Banking and Financial Management, in classroom mode.

Business Education

We have certifications, diplomas, certificates, international diplomas, continuing education courses and projects classified in a portfolio of programs open to the public, in-company and consulting, in the areas of quality and productivity, talent development, finance, management and strategy, leadership, marketing and sales; in classroom, hybrid and virtual mode.

Our programs are accredited by the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training - IACET and by the International Society for Performance Improvement - ISPI.

Professional field

USFQ's Master's in Marketing graduates have the managerial skills necessary to serve in senior business management of family or open-capital, local, or multinational companies, and non-profit organizations.




Basic requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in any area of ​​knowledge, issued by an accredited university in the country and registered with SENESCYT. In the case of Bachelor's degrees obtained abroad, they must be apostilled or legalized by Consular means. The University will verify that the degree corresponds to the third level, in accordance with the current Academic Regime Regulations.

  • Copy of the identity card or passport.

  • Degree certificate with grade average.

  • Official transcript with grades.

  • A printed copy of degree at SENESCYT.

  • Pass the USFQ postgraduate admission exam. To do so, refer to the admissions process at:

Specific program requirements:

  • The applicant must demonstrate full-time professional experience in commercial activities for two years after graduating from university, and must be working at the time of application to the program.

  • Be working when applying to the program.

  • Curriculum vitae.

  • Two letters of recommendation.

  • Fill personal data sheet.

  • Prepare an essay: Within the Selection process, the applicant will be asked to write an essay on a subject to be determined. The essay will be evaluated as part of the admission process.

  • Interview: After the exam, the applicant will be invited for a personal interview. This interview takes place approximately two weeks after the Admissions Exam.


Total investment: $14,300 (Tuition + Enrollment Fee).
Enrollment fee: $1,300 (a single payment that can be deferred to 3 months without interest, with the following credit cards: Diners Club, Banco de Pichincha, and Banco de Guayaquil).
Tuition: $13,000 (two payments that can be deferred up to 24 months without interest with the following credit cards: Diners, Pichincha, and Guayaquil).

*Payments with other cards according to the conditions that apply.


Tuition, access to electronic resources and USFQ facilities, academic cost at Universidad de los Andes - Bogotá and food.

Does not include:

Airline tickets and participation to a second international week.

Financial assistance

Students who require it can access financing for a percentage of the value of the graduate program. This value may begin to be paid upon graduation.

More information at:

Contacto Maestría en Mercadotecnia