Department of Spanish for Foreigners

The courses offered as part of EPE are intended for foreign students from various universities around the world who have exchange programs with USFQ and, also, for foreigners in general who independently wish to participate in the Spanish language learning process.

Students from the general community can also take our courses through the Continuing Education Department.

International students can also take Spanish for Foreign classes through the Office of International Programs (OPI).

The courses included in EPE are designed with the purpose of providing the learner with the necessary tools for their performance in a Spanish-speaking context. The contents of these include aspects of a linguistic and sociocultural order whose complexity is adapted to the level of knowledge that the students have of the language.

Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are continuously trained to keep up to date with trends and methodologies in the teaching-learning process of languages ​​in general and Spanish in particular. The passion for what they do and the responsibility of recognizing themselves as ambassadors of the Ibero-American language and culture provide students with an effective and enriching experience.

The EPE courses, imbued with the philosophy of Liberal Arts, contribute to the growth of the individual who, together with language knowledge, accentuates her ability to understand, analyze, compare and appreciate other individuals and communities; thus strengthening their humanity, modernity and freedom.

On the other hand, at USFQ, regardless of whether or not you attend our courses, you can take the SIELE exam (International Service for the Assessment of the Spanish Language): the certificate that accredits your level of Spanish with a single exam.

Nuestra oferta

Cursos de español con contenido que incluyen aspectos de orden lingüístico y socio cultural, que contribuyen al crecimiento del individuo, que junto al conocimiento idiomático, acentúan tu capacidad de entendimiento, análisis, comparación y aprecio hacia otros individuos y colectividades. Fortaleciendo así su humanidad, modernidad y libertad.

Nuestro profesores de alta calificación y experiencia, se capacitan continuamente para estar al día en las tendencias y metodologías en el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje de las lenguas en general y del español en particular. La pasión por lo que hacen y la responsabilidad de reconocerse como embajadores de la lengua y la cultura Iberoamericana, proporcionan a los aprendientes una experiencia efectiva y enriquecedora.



The department offers courses with the International Programs Office

Additionally, it offers courses together with the department of continuing education

The department offers the possibility of taking the SIELE exam



SIELE is the International Service for the Evaluation of the Spanish Language

It is the most complete, versatile and prestigious system for evaluating and certifying command of the Spanish language.

The SIELE certificate is recognized by the most prestigious academic and professional institutions around the world.

USFQ is an Associate Center to SIELE and offers the exam to the internal academic community as well as to the Spanish centers for foreigners of Quito and the country, to the different professionals and officials of institutions and companies who wish to accredit their efficiency in the use and management of the Spanish language. It is also available to native speakers who need to certify their proficiency in Spanish for work reasons.

Date Time  
02-21-2020 10:00 REGISTRATION
03-06-2020 10:00
03-27-2020 10:00
04-03-2020 10:00
04-17-2020 10:00


SIELE certifies the degree of proficiency in the Spanish language through four tests:


It takes as reference the levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

It is endorsed by the Cervantes Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Salamanca and the University of Buenos Aires.

It is digital: everything is managed electronically (registration, reservations, communications)

It is agile and fast: In a maximum of 3 weeks you will receive your certificate and have it available to download it from ‘My page’ your Certificate or SIELE report, depending on the type of exam taken.

It is adaptable: You can choose between the most complete SIELE Global modality or any of the 4 independent modalities.


It is homogeneous: It is pan-Hispanic and incorporates the different linguistic variables of Spanish.

It is flexible: according to the interest of the candidates, the date and modality of the exam can be scheduled.


Alexandra Astudillo Figueroa
SIELE Center Coordinator
Telephone number: (593-2) 971700 extension: 1330
Cell phone number: 0998011940


  1. Select the type of exam: you can choose between the global SIELE or the modalities individually (see)
  2. Choose the date offered by the center (see)
  3. Register: You must access the SIELE page, create an account and register.
  4. Complete your personal information.
  5. Make your purchase online.
  6. You will receive an email that will provide you with a document that contains your data, those of the exam center with date and time, and a personal code to access the exam on the day of the test.


  1. Does the candidate have to go to the university to enroll and give all their personal information?

    No. The entire process is through the SIELE portal Fri Internet. In this link there is information about everything you need and the instructions to register for the exam


  2. What time do you have to be at the University?

    It is recommended to be there 15 minutes before the assigned time for the exam.

  3. How long is the test going to take?

    It depends on the chosen modality. The global SIELE lasts 3 hours. You have 15 minutes of rest that you can occupy between the Listening Comprehension test and the Written Expression and Interaction test.

  4. How the exam payment is made. See registration and payment section.
  5. What materials do you have to bring on the day of the exam?

    For the exam you must present:

    * The official document you used to reserve your exam (passport, or ID)
    * Remember the email and password you used to complete the registration process to access the exam platform.
    * Print and bring the personal code for access to the exam that the SIELE system generates once the candidate has canceled their exam.


The candidate has material to prepare for the exam.


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