Graduate Program Financial Aid


The graduate student may be Debtor and his own Financial Representative; You will need to present a Guarantor, who must also deliver documents.

Enter the University website through the following link:

  1. Completely fill out the Financial Assistance form: print, sign and deliver it in a folder, along with all the documents detailed below.
  2. Affidavit: download, print and sign before a notary (signature recognition procedure). This document is located on the screen where the BANNER code is entered.

Documents that must be presented together with the FORM and the SWORN STATEMENT:

  1. A color copy of the identity card of the applicant or student and their financial representatives (in case it is not the same student).
  2. Copy of the credit bureau report (Equifax) of: debtor and spouse, financial representative and spouse (in case it is not the same student). Report is obtained at any Servipagos agency nationwide.
  3. Important: Debtors and guarantors: Minimum rating of 600 points in this report.
  4. Copy of value to pay for property tax.
  5. In case of having vehicles, present a copy of license plates or values ​​inquiry, obtained through:
  6. Copy of the vouchers of the last three monthly salaries of the student and/or financial representatives (if applicable) with the company's stamp and signature.
  7. Copy of the student's last year's income tax declaration and that of the financial representatives (if applicable):
    People in a dependency relationship: withholding receipt 107 (RDEP) and/or form 1011
    Freelance professionals or people with tax ID: form 1011.
  8. Bank certificate of ALL checking and savings accounts; investment certificates and documents receivable from the student and / or financial representatives (if applicable). Certificate of bank debts and / or documents payable from student and / or financial representatives (if applicable).
  9. Copy of an invoice for basic services (electricity, water, telephone or internet).

GUARANTOR DOCUMENTS (Age limit: 65 years)

  1. A color copy of the identity card (if they are married, the spouse's as well).
  2. Updated bank certificate.
  3. Copy of an invoice for basic services (electricity, water, telephone, or internet).
  4. Certificate of income or payment role. If you do not work in a dependency position, last tax return (form 1011).
  5. Report from the credit bureau of: guarantor and spouse. More detail: refer to point 2.
  6. The Financial Aid department may request other documents depending on the additional information that is required.
  7. The documents delivered are never returned.

For more information go to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Department

Office: Galileo Building G-109
Telephone number: (+593) 297-1858
E-mail: /