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International Relations

College of Social Sciences and Humanities
Minor description

The objectives of this subspecialization are:

  • To become familiar with what International Relations are.
  • To know who the most important actors in International Relations are.
  • To know how the international system is structured.
  • To identify the main causes of conflict in the international system.
  • To be able to articulate the theoretical currents that try to explain the conflict in the international system.

It is aimed at all USFQ students who have an interest and curiosity to understand the operation and challenges facing the international system and all the actors that comprise it. These students appreciate the multidisciplinary and wish to consolidate complex analytical thinking.

Credit hours
Additional Information

Students who choose this subspecialization must have a minimum level of English ESL 015 to enter the first course, because much of the content of the courses is in English.

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