General Themes

General Topics

  • Exoplanet research from an origins of life perspective
  • The search for life in the solar system
  • Meteorites, comets, and the fate of their organic matter
  • Conditions for life’s origin on the early Earth
  • The environmental context and traces of early life on Earth
  • The formation and evolution of organics on the early Earth
  • The role of minerals in the fate of organic matter and chemical evolution
  • Chemical evolution toward the transition to life
  • Self-organization and prebiotic molecular systems
  • The interplay of molecular subsystems for the origin of life: fatty acids or other compartment-forming systems/amino acids/nucleotides
  • Early metabolism and the development of compartmentation
  • Genetic information and function in the early stages of life
  • Evolution: The driving force for evolution at the chemical and biological stage
  • Evolution before and after LUCA
  • The evolution of metabolism
  • Competition, cooperativity, complexity, and ecology