Registration fee

Registration fee


Early Inscription:
Before April 30th, 2014
Professionals360.00 USD
Students290.00 USD
Regular Inscription:
After May 1st, 2014
Professionals410.00 USD
Students340.00 USD


Hotel Price *
Simple Room Double Room
Northia 531.00 USD 504.00 USD
(Additional night)54.00 USD50.00 USD
Chatham 736.00 USD 620.00 USD
(Additional night)83.00 USD67.00 USD
ArenaBlanca 958.00 USD 647.00 USD
(Additional night)115.00 USD71.00 USD
Miconia 1056.00 USD 985.00 USD
(Additional night)129.00 USD119.00 USD

*Listed price includes 7 nights + breakfastper person


Activity Description Cost
A. Isla Lobos y Playa Ochoa

Isla Lobos: it is a small island where you can observe seals, blue-footed boobies, large frigates, pelicans, lava gulls.

Playa Ochoa: it is a beautiful beach, with calm waters, where it is safe to swim and snorkel.

80.00 USD
B. Laguna del Juno y Galapaguera

Laguna del Junco: it is the only lagoon of permanent fresh water in the Galápagos. Located on the top of San Cristóbal, at an altitude of 700 meters.

La Galapaguera: it consists on a small population of giant turtles that can be observed in their natural habitat.

54.00 USD
C. La Lobería La Lobería: it is the home of a large colony of sea lions where you can observe the mothers teaching their offspring how to swim. 30.00 USD
D. Cerro tijeretas Cerro tijeretas: it is a unique place where you can appreciate two different species of frigates 30.00 USD


The reservation of the flight: Quito-San Cristóbal-Quito or Guayaquil-San Cristóbal-Guayaquil will have an approximate cost of 550 USD. This price can vary depending on availability and the date of reservation.


People accompanying participants do not need to pay the inscription fee, but they must pay the accommodation costs and the flight reservation.



  1. Payment with an international credit card
  2. International wire transfer

To obtain more details about the payment options, please contact directly Condor Travel Ecuador.

Phones:+593 2 331 9696
+593 2 226 1875