College of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Minor description

This subspecialization offers students the opportunity to acquire multidisciplinary knowledge related to the biological sciences. Students will receive courses with a theoretical-practical perspective and will have classes with an emphasis on both, field, and laboratory activities.

Students of any degree from USFQ may opt for this subspecialization (except Biology, where students must choose specializations within their degree). Students who wish to pursue this subspecialization must pass the courses listed below, register for the Biological Sciences Colloquia course, and attend at least 10 colloquia.

Credit hours
  • A student interested in pursuing a COCIBA subspecialization should contact the subspecialization coordinator before beginning to take the courses.
  • Students can use General College Free Electives credits to take subspecialty courses.
  • The courses (compulsory or elective) used for the student's specialization (bachelor's or engineering) cannot be used to satisfy the requirements (compulsory or optional) of the subspecialization.
  • If the student uses the courses indicated for subspecialization for their specialization, they should speak with the subspecialization coordinator to determine the equivalent courses (within the area) to be taken.

The Basic Biology, Introduction to Biology, Ecology, Resources of Ecuador, and Flora and Fauna of Ecuador courses are not valid to meet the requirements of this subspecialization.

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