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Minor description

The subspecialization in Philosophy aims to offer the vision of philosophy so that the student can use the language, history, and discourses of this discipline to build a critical view of the contemporary world. It allows the student to pave the way for future undergraduate or postgraduate studies in philosophy or one of its fields. It is an ideal complement for all programs that need to break down what has been established and create their own, new concepts because the philosophical gaze is a founding element in the liberal arts.

The minor in philosophy is aimed at all types of USFQ students who want to expand and deepen the dynamics of freedom of the Liberal Arts. Students can choose this minor as a complement to any undergraduate career at the University. The area of ​​Philosophy offers in-person and online courses, seminars, and debates that cover the history of philosophy, the systematization of fundamental subjects, and indispensable themes and authors. It also has an openness to Eastern philosophy that is distinct to our university.

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