Political Science

College of Social Sciences and Humanities
Minor description

Political science focuses on how we, as human beings, govern ourselves. Its main topics have to do with the forms, relationships, and power structures that we use to manage our societies.

USFQ's subspecialization in political science aims to introduce students to the main theoretical currents of this field of study. Those who subspecialize will learn about basic political concepts such as: power, state, authority, legitimacy, and representation, among others. They will also know how to distinguish between different types of political systems, such as democracies, aristocracies, monarchies, or dictatorships. Additionally, students will understand how both culture and institutions influence the political functioning of societies.

The subspecialization is aimed at those who have an interest in understanding and analyzing the different political phenomena, in the study of how society works, and in understanding the relationships between governments, societies, and individuals.

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