Virtual Exchange

USFQ, through the Office of International Programs, wants to encourage you to do a virtual exchange. The academic offerings is based on our international research and cooperation network APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities) and partner Universities around the world who give USFQ students the opportunity to choose a virtual class at their universities.

Participation in this virtual exchange program does not have an additional cost over the payment of tuition and fees; and it allows them to replace one of their classes that they would take at USFQ. It is important to note that your participation in this virtual exchange will not affect your future chances of applying to a face-to-face exchange.

To learn more about the academic offerings of this virtual exchange, click here.

Application process

You must send an email to indicating the name of the University, code and name of the course you want to take and your student code. Once this information is received, OPI will provide the next steps.

Requirements to apply to the Virtual Exchange

  • Be a regular and face-to-face student at USFQ.
  • Not having open cases or serious sanctions to the honor code.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 at the time of application and maintain it until the moment of participating in the exchange.
  • OPI will consider that the student has had a good performance throughout their studies, so it may deny the application of a student with “D” or “F” grades in major or General College courses, even if they have repeated and passed those courses.
  • Have passed the third semester of their degree.
  • The virtual exchange cannot be carried out during the last semester of the degree.
  • Have passed the Composition & Rhetoric class if you want to take classes in English. It may be that some Universities require TOEFL or its equivalent.
  • The virtual class is part of the academic load and will be reflected as a subject in online mode* in the academic transcript, so it is your responsibility to check that they do not exceed the number of virtual classes allowed.

* Some classes that are asynchronous may be revalidated as COVID Presential.