Ernesto José Contreras Herrada

Ernesto Contreras

(+593) 2 297-1700
Hayek Building, H-332
  • D. in Physics, Universidad Central de Venezuela.
Professional Profile
Ernesto Contreras, Ph.D., holds a Doctor of Science degree with a specialization in Physics from the Central University of Venezuela. Currently serving as a Professor of Physics at the College of Sciences and Engineering at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, Dr. Contreras's research journey spans the realms of geometric representations of p-form theories, their intricate connection to linearized gravity, and their relationship with Knot Theory. During his postdoctoral position, he delved into black hole thermodynamics and scale-dependent gravity. Dr. Contreras is deeply committed to advancing the frontiers of theoretical physics, exploring diverse areas such as constructing solutions for black holes and wormholes, investigating quasinormal modes, studying accretion phenomena, engaging in geometric quantization, exploring Knot Theory, and applying fractional calculus.
Music, Role-playing video games.