Juan José Guadalupe López

(+593 2) 297-1700
Maxwell Building, M-208
  • MSc. Molecular Life Sciences, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Engineer in Biotechnological Processes, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador.
Professional Profile

Juan José Guadalupe López is a Biotechnological Process Engineer from Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ, Ecuador) and holds a Master's degree in Molecular Life Sciences from Stockholms Universitet (Sweden). As a professor in the College of Biological and Environmental Sciences at USFQ, his objective is to spark interest in the impact of biotechnology and encourage the use of cutting-edge biotechnological tools for science in Ecuador. His research fields include studies of genetic diversity, transcriptomics, genomics, gene editing, epigenetics, and RNA biology. Juan has contributed to research on gene expression regulation and RNA biology, genetic diversity of plants and animals, and metagenomic studies. His scientific articles have been published in journals such as "Viruses," "The Lancet," "Diversity," and "Marine Ecology Progress Series".


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