Specialization in Neonatology

Medical Specialization in Neonatology

General information

Specialist in Neonatology

2 years
Courses: 28
Total credits: 40
Academic and patient care hours: 8.000 hours.


Full time, with patient care shifts.

Registration: $1.454.55
Tuition: $14.545.45

Start of classes:
October 2019

Dates of entrance examination:
May 2019

Extra information:
Rotations in various second and third level hospitals that greatly contribute to healthcare training of resident postgraduate students.
Candidates to both the Neurosurgery or Neonatology programs must present their documents at the medical specialties building, office hdlv-111-b (beside the Hospital de los Valles, Cumbaya), before acquiring the admissions package.


The objective of this program is to form specialists in neonatology dedicated to improving the quality of neonatal care in the country; highly trained individuals possessing specialized, professional competencies, and who are leaders in research that will contribute to solving the main health problems of newborns and their different medical complications.

Candidate profile:

The program is aimed at national doctors, or foreign doctors who reside in the country, whose medical specialty is pediatrics, and whose university degree is duly registered with SENESCYT.

Candidates must demonstrate ethical values and principles, be able to work independently or in a group, and be capable of meeting the strictest academic demands.  They must submit to a candidate selection process via Merits and Opposition Contest, as described in regulations currently in force issued by the Council for Higher Education.   

Program contacts:

For further information:

Luis Eguiguren
Director of Medical Specialties

Caricia Chávez
Administrative Assistant
Office: Edificio de Especialidades Médicas - Hospital de los Valles - 111B
Telephone: (+593 2) 297-1700 ext. 4014
E-mail: cchavez@usfq.edu.ec

Santiago Tapia
Postgraduate Coordinator – Admissions
Office: G-100
Telephone: (+593 2) 297-1700 ext. 1824
E-mail: stapia@usfq.edu.ec

Occupational field

Upon successful completion of the program, our medical specialists are capable of leading the different medical services related to neonatology, in either second or third level institutions, taking into account the country’s great need for duly trained neonatology doctors.

Our graduates will likewise be capable of practicing their specialty in an independent manner, fully aware of the needs and resources of the community, and taking into account desired transformations in private medical practice.


The Specialization in Neonatology program allows students to learn the most innovative techniques and tendencies in relation to pediatric and neonatal care.  Among our staff are nationally and internationally recognized doctors who participate directly in teaching and tutoring our students.

The USFQ maintains institutional agreements with various health centers that are national references in neonatal care.


Basic requirements:

  • Postgraduate degree in pediatrics, duly registered with SENESCYT and the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Undergraduate degree in medicine, duly registered with SENESCYT and the Ministry of Public Health
  • Proficiency in English sufficient for reading, understanding, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating articles in that language.  MCER Level B1 at minimum.

In that regard, students must take an exam in order to obtain an internal validation certificate.  Students who do not possess the required level of English will be trained in that language by the Department of Foreign Languages at USFQ.

  • Copy of national identity card or passport.
  • Degree certificate with final grade.
  • Official grade transcript.
  • Printed SENESCYT registration of degree.
  • Approve the USFQ postgraduate entrance examination.  Please refer to the postgraduate admissions process at USFQ: http://www.usfq.edu.ec/admisiones/admisiones_posgrado

Specific requirements:

  • Graduation Merit Index for undergraduate studies
  • Official certificate of having completed the rural medicine year
  • Updated certificates of mental and physical health, and of vaccinations
  • Updated curriculum vitae with a color photograph
  • Candidates must additionally fulfill the requirements of the Merits and Opposition Contest.  Originals and certified copies of required documents must be presented.
  • See link: Resolution.N°RPC-SO-013-N°082-2012


My name is Edison Pavón Carrera, a graduate of USFQ.  I am currently chief of the Neonatology Service at the Hospital de Los Valles, and tutor to the new generations who are studying for a specialization in neonatology.  The medical specialties curriculum at this university identifies the strengths and abilities of an individual that are focused on giving quality medical care to our patients.