Medical Specialization in Neonatology *

College of Health Sciences
Neonatology Specialist

2 years

Subjects: 28

Total credits: 40

Academic and healthcare hours: 8,000 hours.

Teaching Mode
In-person classes.

Full time with care shifts.


Start of Classes
October 2019

Extension to the duration established January 25th, 2017

Resolution RPC-SO-03-No.056-2017

Total Cost

Enrollment fee: $1,454.55
Tuition: $14,545.45

Application Examination Dates

To be determined.

Rotations in several second and third-level hospitals that will serve as a great contribution to the care training of resident graduate students.

Applicants for Neurosurgery or Neonatology must present their documents in the Medical Specialties building in the HDLV-111-B office (next to the Hospital de los Valles, Cumbayá) before acquiring the admissions package.


This program aims to train specialists in Neonatology, aimed at improving the health quality of newborns born in the country: individuals trained in highly specialized skills for professional practice; and leaders in the research, whose contribution will contribute to solving the main health problems of newborns and their different medical complications.

Applicant's Profile

The program is aimed at national or foreign doctors residing in the country who have their specialty in medical pediatrics, with their title duly registered at SENESCYT.

The applicant must be a person who combines ethical values ​​and principles, who can work autonomously, independently, and in a team, capable of working under the highest academic demands. Must be subject to the candidate selection process, which is in the current regulations regulated by the Higher Education Council that refers to the Merit and Opposition Contest.

Professional field

At the end of the specialization program, our specialist doctors are able to lead the different medical services, in second and third level entities in our country, considering the great need that exists in Ecuador, to have properly trained doctors properly formed.

Similarly, they are able to independently exercise their specialty with full knowledge of the needs and resources of the community, articulated to the needs of transformation in private medical practice.


The Neonatology Specialization is a program that allows students to learn the most innovative techniques and trends regarding pediatric and neonatal care. We have recognized national and international doctors who directly participate in the teaching and tutoring of our students.

USFQ maintains institutional agreements with different health entities that are national references in Neonatology.


Basic Requirements:

  • Graduate degree in Pediatrics registered in SENESCYT and in the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Bachelor's degree in Medicine registered in SENESCYT and in the Ministry of Public Health. In the case of Bachelor's degrees obtained abroad, they must be apostilled or legalized by Consular means. The University will verify that the degree corresponds to a Bachelor's degree, in accordance with the current Academic Regime Regulations.
  • Sufficient command of the English language to allow reading, understanding, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating articles in this language. CEFR level B1 as a minimum.

For this, the student will take an exam to obtain an internal validation certificate. Those students who do not achieve the required level will be trained in the English language by the USFQ Department of Foreign Languages.

  • Copy of the identity card or passport.
  • Certificate of degree with grade.
  • Official registry of undergraduate and graduate grades.
  • Printed registration of the SENESCYT degree.
  • Pass the USFQ graduate admission exam. To do this, refer to the USFQ graduate admissions process:

Specific requirements:

  • Undergraduate Graduation Merit Index.
  • Official certificate of having completed the year of Rural Health of Social Service Residency, issued by the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador.
  • Updated mental, physical and immunization certificate.
  • Updated resume with color photography.
  • Additionally, each applicant must complete the requirements outlined in the Technical Standard Resolution No. RPC-SO-No. 006-2019 corresponding to Merits. See link: The documents must be delivered as certified copies.


My name is Edison Pavón Carrera, a Neonatologist, graduated from USFQ, I am currently Head of the Neonatology Service at the Hospital Los Valles and tutor of the new generations that have leaned towards the specialization. The Medical Specialties curriculum of this University identifies the strengths and abilities of the individual focused on providing quality medical care to our patients.

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