Doing IR Differently
Doing IR Differently


Doing IR Differently


The Universidad San Francisco de Quito will host the academic initiative "Doing IR Differently". This is a project that seeks to understand International Relations (IR) from different ways of knowing, promoting diversity of thought and trying to generate ruptures inside the traditional ways of studying IR. The event will be sponsored by the USFQ, International Studies Perspectives (ISP) and the World International Studies Committee (WISC) having representatives from all three institutions during the academic discussions. The event will be held at the USFQ campus GAIAS on San Cristóbal in the Galapagos Islands and will gather scholars from all over the world who are interested in breaking schemes and contributing to this innovative research project.

The “Doing IR Differently” initiative has gained a space within the International Studies Association (ISA), the largest association of scholars interested in international studies, in the world. From July 25 - 27 the FLACSO-ISA 2018 convention will take place in Quito-Ecuador and the "Doing IR Differently" project will participate through three organized panels on Wednesday, July 25, with the first one from 09H00 - 10H45, the second from 11H15-13H00, and the third from 14H00 - 15H45.

To learn more about this project, we invite you to register for the FLASCO-ISA 2018 convention at the following link:

Dates: July 20-24, 2018

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