Latin American Cinema

Department of Languages (DLE)
Lenguas Nativas y Extranjeras


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This course focuses on cinema as a tool to further develop oral and written expression skills in the acquisition and deepening of the Spanish language. We will delve into the historical, social, political, and cultural contexts in which each film is set. Additionally, there will be an approach to the representative linguistic features of the country or region of each film. Furthermore, research tasks related to the topics addressed in the films will be conducted; tasks that will serve to deepen cultural and linguistic knowledge of the Hispanic world in contrast to other regions. In order to achieve these objectives, predominantly Ibero-American feature films will be viewed, but also American and films from other regions of the world; which will expose students to a different way of making cinema and stimulate their analysis through contrast and comparison. Due to the characteristics of the course described here, it requires students to have an intermediate-advanced level.




1 Semester


Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday

Santiago Gangotena Campus, USFQ

Cost: $269

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