Master's in Management of Construction and Real Estate Companies

College of Sciences and Engineering
Master in Management of Construction and Real Estate Companies

3 semesters

Classes: 22

Total credits: 44

Teaching Mode
In-person classes.

Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Within the schedule there are six (6) random weeks of intensive work with classes every day from Monday through Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Start of Classes
September, 2021

RPC-SO-31-No.555-2016, August 24, 2016

Aprobación Actualizada CES: RPC-SO-13-No.261-2020, 20 de mayo de 2020

Total Cost

Enrolment Fee: $1,272
Tuition: $12,728

Application Examination Dates

July 31, 2021

Classes taught by professors from Ecuador, Spain, Chile, and Mexico.
One-year student membership in the Project Management Institute P.M.I.


It is the fundamental objective of the "Master's in Management of Construction and Real Estate Companies" (MDI) graduate program to train professionals with objective knowledge of the reality of the country and the world, with solid academic and professional training in: management, development, promotion, administration, and construction of real estate projects (homes, offices, housing estates, shopping centers, industrial centers, vacation centers), as well as in the direction and administration of construction and real estate companies.

Applicant's Profile

Applicants to the Master's in Management of Construction and Real Estate Companies MDI program must be trained in the fields of engineering, architecture, administration, economics, and finance; the level of English required for the program is “A2”.

The student must be willing to accept great personal, academic, and professional challenges and must aim to get to work in managerial and managerial functions in activities related to the development and construction of real estate projects: housing, offices, urbanizations, shopping centers, industrial parks, and vacation centers, in institutions and public and private companies.

Professional field

The MDI program graduate acquires a solid professional training in the management, development, promotion, management and construction of real estate projects, as well as in the direction and administration of construction and real estate companies.

The professional who graduates from the MDI program is developed and trained to carry out directorship and managerial activities in the areas of development and construction of real estate projects for homes, offices, housing estates, shopping centers, industrial centers and resorts.

The education and training received will allow the MDI professional to easily link with:

Management and managerial activities in construction companies, consulting companies in general, real estate development companies, and developers.

Managerial and managerial activities in public and private institutions such as housing banks, development banks, mutual funds and, in general, other institutions whose objective is the development, promotion, financing, management, and construction of real estate projects.


The very important and sustained growth that Ecuador has had in the last ten years in the construction of real estate projects, self-defines the urgent need to train professionals of the highest academic level who can satisfy the current and future needs of the country in this important area of ​​development of our society related to the construction of housing for all social and economic sectors, housing estates, offices, shopping centers, industrial centers, and vacation centers.

According to our institutional mission, the MDI program offered by USFQ seeks, creatively, to satisfy this urgent need that the country has to train professionals with a different entrepreneurial vision, sensitive to the problems of our society, who are trained in the use of the best and most modern administrative and managerial technologies and practices, to be used within public institutions and private companies responsible for planning and construction of infrastructure projects that effectively promote the economic and social development of the country. Within the academic activities of the MDI in the identification and definition of the research programs, and the degree projects that the MDI students have to carry out, special attention is given to the search for the most suitable technical, economic and financial solutions for the construction of housing and projects of social interest. The objective of the program is to try to satisfy the country's demand to train professionals with sufficient capacity, knowledge, and social sensitivity who can seek and implement technical, administrative, efficient, economic and imaginative solutions that solve the difficult housing problems in the country, especially in sectors with few economic resources.


Basic requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree registered at SENESCYT in the fields of engineering, architecture, administration, economics and finance. In the case of Bachelor's degree obtained abroad, they must be apostilled or legalized by Consular means. The University will verify that the degree corresponds to the third level, in accordance with the current Academic Regime Regulations.

  • Sufficient command of the English language to read, understand, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate articles in that language. CEFR level A2 as a minimum.

  • Copy of the identity card or passport.

  • Degree Certificate with grade average.

  • Official transcript with grades.

  • A printed copy of degree from SENESCYT .

  • Pass the USFQ postgraduate admission exam. To do this, refer to the USFQ graduate admissions process:

Specific requirements:

  • Interview with the Program Director.

  • Curriculum vitae.

  • Personal and professional letters of recommendation.

Funding and scholarships

The program cost is $14,000 dollars.

The following payment options are available:

Payment: Cash, Check, Credit card.

USFQ Alumni have a 10% discount.

Payment by credit card: Deferred at 3, 6, 9 months no interest with Grupo Pichincha and Grupo Guayaquil bank cards; 12 months no interest only if the value of the entire program is paid.

About forms of payment by credit card:

Payment 50/50: Pay $7000 dollars at the beginning of the program and the remaining $7000 dollars to be paid halfway through the program.

Monthly payment plans: In the event that the applicant does not have credit cards, checks will be accepted as a monthly method of payment. For more information, go to the Financial Assistance Offices. More information about Financial Assistance at:


For program scholarships: According to the Scholarship Regulations of the postgraduate program, one (1) or (2) scholarships will be awarded to applicants who demonstrate academic excellence in the admission process.


Studying the MDI broadened my horizons because is it was during this time that I acquired the ability to research, learn, and develop any subject that interests me, whether for my professional or personal life. It also left me with the assurance that, through construction, I can be a source of employment generation for the country and the world. I am certain of what I will achieve and what I will do ethically and professionally.

- Ana Yanchapaxi -


Having completed this master's degree gave me a new vision regarding the development of projects in this field. It is a first-rate program for its training in market research techniques, financial aspects and comprehensive real estate business issues with a 100% real application to the country's economy. All this is reflected in the professors and panelists who give you the tools and advice to get ahead and undertake real and high-impact real estate projects.

- Luis Castellano -

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