Master's in Physics

College of Sciences and Engineering
Master in Physics

4 semesters

Courses: 13

Total credits: 56

Teaching Mode
Full-time face-to-face

Monday through Friday, between 07:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Start of Classes
January, 2024

RPC-SO-05-No.070-2018, January 31, 2018

Total Cost

Enrolment Fee: $926
Tuition: $9,267

Full scholarships


This program is aimed at training highly academic human resources in the area of ​​scientific research, both basic and applied, that can be carried out in both the public and private practice.

Its main objective is to train professional scientists who are capable, through training in theoretical and experimental physics, to deepen the study of matter and energy at various spatial scales, predict and apply the physical properties of the different systems of nature in all its phases, orderly and disorderly, and successfully continue their doctoral studies (Ph.D.). Graduates are expected to be able to solve complex problems in a simple way, and to apply such knowledge and skills in the industrial and technological development of the country and the strengthening of its academic system of higher education.

Applicant's Profile

This program is designed for professionals who have a solid fundamental knowledge of physics and mathematics, and who hold at least a graduate level degree in one of the following:

  • Broad Field: Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Statistics; Information and Communication Technology.
  • Specific Field: Engineering and related professions.

The applicant must demonstrate knowledge about the following contents: differential and integral calculus, vector calculus, linear algebra, probabilities or statistics, ordinary differential equations and partial derivatives, complex variable, Newtonian mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics and modern physics through entrance exam designed for the program.

The applicant must be a disciplined, honest and enterprising person, who can work independently and in groups, and must be able to work with high academic demands. Their academic background must show an outstanding performance during their graduate level studies. They must have the maturity and emotional stability to meet the expectations of the institution, the professors and the tutors, and they must also demonstrate that the objective of completing the Master's in Physics is to continue a professional career that requires the skills, abilities, and knowledge acquired in this program.

Professional field

Future graduates will have professional opportunities as researchers and academics in scientific and technological areas, both in the public and private areas, contributing to the improvement of science, technology, the environment, education and production based on scientific research based on knowledge. The Master's Program in Physics forms human talent with the appropriate bases to continue studies of Ph.D., in Physics or related areas such as engineering and cutting-edge scientific areas. The Master's in Physics has a wide labor market within the technological and higher education system of the country.


  • Excellent Research Master's in Physics in Ecuador.
  • Scientific collaborations with the best laboratories in the world, in the United States, Europe, and Latin America
  • Highly trained professors.
  • Immersion in top scientific projects, in permanent contact with the professors of the program.
  • Student access to adequate infrastructure, computer technologies and experimental instruments available at USFQ, with the best laboratories in the country, to carry out their academic activities.


Basic requirements:

  • Have a graduate-level degree issued by an accredited university in the country and registered in SENESCYT, in: Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics; Technology of the information and communication; and related engineering. In the case of Bachelor's degrees obtained abroad, they must be apostilled or legalized by Consular means. The University will verify that the degree corresponds to a Bachelor's degree, in accordance with the current Academic Regime Regulations.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the English language equivalent to A2 of the Common European Framework.
  • Copy of identity card or passport.
  • Degree certificate with grade average.
  • Official transcript with grades.
  • A printed copy of registered degree at SENESCYT.

Specific requirements:

  • Deliver 2 academic letters of recommendation in a sealed envelope.
  • Submit a letter indicating your motivation to enter the program (maximum length of 600 words).
  • Take and pass the entrance exam designed by the Academic Committee of the Master in Physics program. The exam covers the contents mentioned in the Applicant's Profile section.
  • Personal interview with the professors of the postgraduate program.

Funding and scholarships

In accordance with the Graduate Program Scholarship Regulations, all applicants who so wish may participate to be considered for full scholarships for the program.

For more information on this, contact us at the phones and emails that appear in the contacts section.

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