Specialization in Orthodontics

College of Health Sciences
Specialist in Orthodontics
Academic School

2 and a half years (5 regular periods)

Courses: 52

Total credits: 47

Teaching Mode
In-Person Classes

Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm

Start of Classes
August, 2022

RPC-SO-01-No.022-2021, 6 de enero de 2021.

Total Cost

Enrollment Fee: $2.780
Tuition: $27.802
Applies to new cohorts - academic year 2022-2023

Application Dates

To be defined


The general objective of the Specialization in Orthodontics is to train dentists specialized in the care of patients with malocclusion pathologies, capable of knowing, diagnosing and treating the comprehensive set of actions aimed at maintaining oral health through the prevention and treatment of malocclusions, considering the various etiologies, complications and forms of presentation.

In the development of the program, the student applies diagnostic and therapeutic techniques based on scientific evidence, with ethics and social vocation of service, which are integrated in the medical-clinical care, research activities and practical theoretical aspects of the area of orthodontics with an approach that allows generating a positive impact on the quality of life of the individual, the family and the community.

Applicant profile

The Specialization in Orthodontics is aimed at national or foreign dentists residing in the country who have a third level degree in Dentistry legally accredited in the SNIESE and before the health authority; and an official certificate of having completed the year of Rural Health of Social Service. The degrees of foreign applicants must be apostilled or legalized by consular means, as well as registered in the SNIESE and the Ministry of Public Health.


At the end of the Specialization in Orthodontics, the professional will be able to show theoretical and clinical mastery for each specific case in his area, showing independence in the solution of problems related to the specialty.

On the other hand, it is expected that the specialist will adopt attitudes and ethical values that adequately guide their professional practice, in order to improve the quality of their dentist-patient relationship and with society in general.


Professional Field

The Dental Specializations of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito are designed for graduates to have a high degree of deepening and application in the different areas of Dentistry. Our graduates will be able to join both private practice and public institutions related to this discipline of knowledge. Likewise, graduates will be able to take charge of the management of the Orthodontic departments required in each state hospital.


Download the merit and competitive examination rules for admission to the Specialization in Orthodontics.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

USFQ Alumni have 10% discount.


Cash, check, educational/financial credit and credit/debit card.

Credit or debit card

You can make your payment through our Online Payment System, accessing the link: https://btnpagos.usfq.edu.ec/pagos/

  • We accept all national and international credit cards.
  • You can defer your payments with cards issued by: Diners, Discover, Visa Titanium, Banco Guayaquil, Banco Pichincha, Banco Bolivariano, Produbanco and Banco del Austro.
  • Payments by semesters or academic periods: up to 9 months interest free.
  • This program has 5 (five) academic periods, therefore, the total of the program can be paid in 5 (five) equal installments and each one can be deferred up to 9 months without interest. Payment dates will coincide with the beginning of each academic period (check dates in the Academic Calendar of the program).
  • Payments per year: up to 12 months without interest.
  • Payments for the entire program: deferred without interest for the same duration of the graduate program.
  • Financing with credit cards of the Produbanco-Promerica Group up to 24 months without interest.
  • In case of requiring a longer term we have deferred payments of up to 36 months with interest.

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Other payment options

For more information you can contact us at the following contacts.
María Eugenia Salazar: mesalazar@usfq.edu.ec. Telephone: 02-297-1991
Robert González: rgonzalez@usfq.edu.ec. Phone: 02-297-189


According to the Scholarship Regulations of the graduate program, the Specialization in Orthodontics will be granted (1) scholarship corresponding to 20% of the value of the tuition fee to the applicant who demonstrates academic excellence during the admission process.


José Luis Domínguez

José Luis Domínguez

“Five years ago I attended the postgraduate course in Orthodontics at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. This specialty has an analytical and multidisciplinary approach, where the theoretical and practical part was merged. This has allowed the knowledge acquired during the 3 years of study to be more solid and permanent. The experience in this program allowed me to develop myself in an autonomous way in the acquisition of knowledge, since I learned to look for the correct information to solve any doubt about orthodontic issues. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the university has an incredible library, where you have access to countless books, magazines, articles and platforms of very high level and at the forefront of information. The professors are fully prepared to solve any doubt and open to any debate, allowing the lectures to be more interactive and proactive; and I cannot forget that in addition to learning orthodontics, I evolved into a better person.”

Dra. Giuliana Márquez Reyes

Giuliana Márquez Reyes

“I graduated from the Postgraduate Degree in Orthodontics from the School of Dentistry at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, in 2017 and I have the best memories. I decided to study my specialty at USFQ because it is a globally recognized institution that focuses on the Liberal Arts. Studying graduate school, was a great experience in which, in addition to learning from the best national and international professors, I also made great friends. What I liked about the academic program is that it does not focus on a single philosophy, but the student receives valuable information from various currents of ancient and modern orthodontics. Thus, in my opinion, the USFQ graduate orthodontist is competitive, capable and self-sufficient in his work. Another interesting aspect is the opportunity to attend national and international congresses, where I had the opportunity to actively interact with speakers of my interest. However, the most important thing is that I took with me the most beautiful memories of my professors and my friends.”

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