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Although science and its applications are everywhere, its teachings and understanding are perceived as difficult and distant. The magazine "Ciencia al Rescate" (Science to the Rescue) aims to turn scientific knowledge into a fun activity available to everyone.

The magazine includes the valuable contribution of USFQ professors and students, who make every effort to explain science in a pleasant way and in simple language, without losing sight of the rigor that science requires.

About the Publication

This publication aims to bring science-related topics to the general public, and specifically to the little ones. The Science to the Rescue magazine aims to reach schools and educational centers, as well as homes where, through a pleasant reading in the company of parents or teachers, knowledge about science is encouraged. Additionally, the magazine presents a dynamic edition that brings science closer to children in a didactic and interactive way. Each magazine contains an experiment or article with Internet links that increase interest in reading and research.


Editorial Board

Science to the Rescue is possible thanks to the following people:

Alexis Hidrobo P.
Editor in Chief

Editorial team:
José Antonio Campaña González.
Samantha Freire.
Alexis Hidrobo.
Santiago Hidrobo.
Carolina Sáenz.

USFQ Editorial Department
Design and Illustration

Authors' Guide

Science to the Rescue is a publication prepared by University professors and students. The creation of articles seeks to exploit the area of specialization, or of greater interest, of the members of the editorial board in order to explain aspects related to science in an agile and entertaining way.

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