College of Communication and Contemporary Arts
Minor description

The Advertising Subspecialization offers an excellent combination of subjects for other programs such as Communication, Design, or Marketing; however, students from programs such as Psychology or Engineering have also shown interest. Therefore, this minor can be accessed by all USFQ students. Many students find Advertising is a complement to their studies because it helps them effectively communicate ideas about the business they are in. For those students with creative skills who don't want to waste any time, this subspecialization allows them to develop that aspect in their personal and professional life. Students from any of these programs will learn the basics of publicity and, depending on the courses they take, can emphasize creative, strategic, or planning aspects. The basic subject is Principles of Advertising. Once they pass this subject, students must choose 5 more of those offered by the subspecialization curriculum and complete 18 credits total.

Credit hours

Always take the Principles of Advertising class (PUB 1001) before all other subjects.


For Communications students, the Planning & Insights PUB 2003 subject does not count as a subspecialization subject, since it is an original part of the curriculum, but it does apply to other programs.

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