Business Law

College of Law
Minor description

The minor in Business Law is available for LAW students and aims to introduce them to a speciali­zed curriculum that encourages the development of know-how, skills and essential theoretical and practical tools, which added to their professional initiative, will qualify them with a suitable profile to support a business from different relationships, including consulting. 

Credit hours
Additional Information

To complete the Business Law sub-specialization, students must:

1. Pass a TOTAL of 6 subjects. The students of the Law degree can occupy the three Law Electives that appear in their curriculum to comply with 3 subjects of this minor, and the other 3 subjects, must be chosen from the list that appears in the curriculum of the sub-specialization.

2. Additionally, the law student has 2 options:

  • Take the JUR Comprehensive Assessment class on the topic of the chosen subspecialization.
  • Carry out a research work, approved by the coordinator of the subspecialization, according to the requirements established in the Regulations of Subspecializations of the College of Jurisprudence.
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