Creative Writing

College of Social Sciences and Humanities
Minor description

The subspecialization in Creative Writing has four main objectives: 1) To develop in students a theoretical and applied knowledge of the field of literary creation, in genres such as narration, poetry, and chronicle, 2) To exercise sufficient expressive skills and abilities to actively participate in the field of literary production, 3) To develop the self-critical capacity necessary to take on the tasks of editing texts - their own and those of others, and 4) To introduce students to the field of cultural management.

The subspecialization is aimed at all university students interested in creative writing and the expressive potential of language. The subspecialization consists of the approval of the requirement: Introduction to Creative Writing (ESC-2101), and 5 more subjects, accumulating a total of 18 credits. Prior approval of the Academic Writing course (ESP-1001) is a requirement for subspecialization.

Credit hours
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