Environmental Law, Sustainability and Natural Resources

College of Law
Minor description

The minor in Environmental Law, Sustainability, and Natural Resources is aimed at law students and those whose major is related to environmental issues. This minor provides a broad prespective of the regulatory and institutional framework in the administrative, criminal, civil, and constitutional fields to guarantee the right to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment. Within the sustainable development framework, the global focus is being given to the environment, emphasizing the management of natural resources, energy, and risks. Students will review the international legal context and framework, identifying the different legal obligations contracted by Ecuador.

Credit hours
Additional Information

To complete the Minor in Environmental Law, students must:

1. Pass a TOTAL of 6 subjects. Law students can take the three Law Electives that appear in their curriculum to comply with 3 subjects of this minor, and the other 3 subjects must be chosen from the list that appears in the curriculum of the minor.

2. Additionally, the law student has 2 options:

  • Take the JUR Comprehensive Assessment class on the topic of the chosen minor.
  • Carry out research work, approved by the coordinator of the minor, according to the requirements established in the Regulations of Minor Fields of the College of Law.
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