Graphic Arts

College of Communication and Contemporary Arts
Minor description

The minor in Graphic Arts consists of the study of printing techniques such as intaglio, serigraphy and woodcut, with the objective of applying them in projects that have a graphic component: prints, posters, limited edition books, artist books, etc. These projects may be purely artistic or design or editorial in nature, that is to say, applied arts. The handling of engraving techniques will allow graphic professionals to have a wider range of creative possibilities. This minor is aimed at students of visual arts and other related careers such as design or fashion.

Students must take the three printmaking workshops, Fundamentals of the Arts and an elective. In total 5 subjects, 15 credits.

Credit hours
Detalle de Currículum
Required courses
ART 1701 Fundamentals of the Arts 3  
ART 1301 Intaglio Printmaking Workshop 3  
ART 1302 Silkscreen Printing Workshop 3  
ART 1303 Xylography Workshop 3  
Choose 1 course from the following list
ART 2001 Drawing for Art and Design 3  
ART 3380 Artist's Book Workshop 3  
ART 1101 Drawing 1 3  
ART 3104 Drawing of Human Figure 3 ART 2001 Drawing for Art and Design or ART 1101 Drawing 1 o ART 2102 Portrait and Caricature Drawing
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