College of Social Sciences and Humanities
Minor description

This subspecialization aims to provide the student with the theoretical and conceptual foundations of sociology and the methods that sociologists use to understand specific areas of society, such as gender, rural and urban development, and the evaluation of development projects. Likewise, the specialization allows the student to apply their sociological knowledge and skills to different areas of professional knowledge and practice.

The subspecialization is aimed at all undergraduate students who want to know more about their social world. The student must take six courses (18 credits, except in the case of International Relations students, who take five courses worth a total of 15 credits), divided between theory, content, and methodology courses. There are no additional requirements.

Credit hours
18 (15 en el caso de estudiantes de Relaciones Internacionales)
Additional Information

International Relations students require only the first five subjects (15 total credits). The Qualitative Research or Mixed Methods course will be revalidated with REL 3203 - Qualitative Research.

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Professor of Social Sciences
Director Institute for Advanced Studies in Inequalities (IASI)
Maxwell Building, M-301
(+593 2) 297-1700