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Sustainable Tourism

College of Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Tourism
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Tourism is one of the most important economic activities in the world, it contributes 10% of the world GDP and generates 1 out of every 11 jobs. In addition, in 2016, it moved 1,235 million international tourists worldwide, according to the World Tourism Organization. Sustainable tourism, according to UNEP and UNWTO, takes into account current and future impacts on economic, social and environmental issues to meet the needs of visitors, industry and host communities.

This minor addresses the importance of sustainability and the impact of the industry on the global community. Students will examine the components of sustainable tourism and the interrelationship of successful and responsible planning and management, which will allow them to have new job prospects.

It is aimed at all USFQ students who are passionate about sustainable tourism and want to take advantage of a unique opportunity in the world. Five of the six courses are taught entirely in English, on the Galapagos Islands campus of San Francisco de Quito University, where students from various universities around the world attend. For courses in Galapagos, students must have passed the ENG 0100 Composition and Rhetoric course and HSP 0201 Introduction to Tourism. The courses are taught by professors from the University of South Carolina and USFQ.

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