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Bachelor of Arts in Education
8 semesters
Teaching Mode
Face to Face Learning

The Education program prepares future educators, aware of the national and international educational reality, that can successfully operate in different areas of education, both public and private. They contribute proactively and innovatively to the transformation of their environment, with solutions based on research and critical thinking.


By studying the Education program at USFQ you know and understand the most up-to-date trends in the educational field. In addition, comprehensive training based on the philosophy of the Liberal Arts, will allow you to be an effective professional with a broad vision of the current environment. All the professors of the Education program hold graduate degrees from prestigious universities in the world, which gives them a global vision of Education.

Professors are constantly updated on advances in research to ensure that their classes are a model of best practices, including the most valuable aspects of different methodologies, so that learning is carried out through constructive and meaningful experiences. Education students have the opportunity to participate in career linking projects that take place in different regions of the country with diverse populations.

These experiences enrich their professional training and broaden their vision of the national educational reality. Graduates of the USFQ Education program are highly valued in the work environment, not only in the specific field of teaching, but also in different fields such as: research, project development, and consulting.

Students complete internships at the best educational institutions, where they stand out for their professional training, their passion for what they do, and their constant interest in continuing to learn.

Professional field

The work field of our graduates is vast, they can work in teaching at any academic level and in the administration of educational institutions of different kinds.

They may also participate in research projects and have the necessary bases to continue their training with graduate studies. Most of our graduates work as teachers in the best private educational institutions in the country. Some also choose to join non-governmental and governmental organizations to work on research, public policy, and development projects. Others continue directly with their graduate studies or form their own business within the Education area.

Professional profile

Bachelor's of Education grads have forefront knowledge about the dynamics of teaching-learning. They also have teaching skills that are appropriately adapted to any educational context. Graduates have an attitude of reasoning and self-criticism for their continuous personal and professional improvement with a proactive approach to solving local and global problems.


“The essence of the Education program at USFQ is to meet guides and mentors who accompany you in the process; open your mind to infinite possibilities of influence in the educational field and others such as leadership, research, public policy, innovation, and have the possibility of being nourished by experiences in a variety of educational institutions and other entities linked to education. Here you build yourself while you build others and the spark is born in you that a change is about to start in your hands that can make a difference. Being an educator, without a doubt, is the best decision I ever made. Along my path I have encountered great educators, a diversified curriculum, and a network of educational institutions and colleagues for professional achievement, it is a reality that has no comparison."
- Diana Coello Baquero -

“Having studied the Bachelor's of Education at USFQ, it was an experience full of satisfactions. First, because I was able to understand the most important topics within everything that education encompasses, and I put all my learning into practice in my internships and work. Second, because I feel that many of the professors I had (mostly women) were confident in my potential, and that allowed me to empower myself with my abilities, and thus fulfill the goals that I set for myself. In closing, it is important to tell them that after a year of graduation I am about to start a master's degree, and I feel confident because I have 100% taken advantage of my experiences at USFQ, they gave me a great basis for my professional and academic future.”
- María Sol Palacios -

“My experience as a student at USFQ was wonderful and I will always remember it as a very precious stage in my life. Speaking specifically of the Education career, I can highlight that it was the place where I had the freedom to experiment, learn, and develop as a student full of curiosities and questions. I met exemplary teachers and admirable colleagues. I not only acquired the necessary knowledge to be a successful professional but also the motivation to constantly train myself and to pose projects and challenges in my professional and personal life, which is without a doubt the best trace of meaningful learning. On the other hand, the community within the university was one in which it enjoys great diversity; respect and generosity were always present, which gave me the opportunity to learn from different ideologies, cultures, thoughts, and make great friends. One of the biggest benefits that I stressed and appreciated is the advantage of being able to study at a high-quality international university and do an exchange abroad program for a year. Thanks to this, I was lucky to study my third year at Boston University, a university of high prestige and highly recognized for its excellence and high academic level in all its faculties. That was a determining factor for me to choose to study here and it was an unforgettable experience, full of growth and training in various aspects. I can only identify that now, being a professional, it makes sense to reflect on my dream of having a small business of my own (Gymboree Play & Music Cumbaya), the strength of all those years of learning, effort and dedication. Now I enjoy teaching children and working with their parents, constantly learning from them and giving my best every day."
- Carolina Vivero Pérez -

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