College of Business Administration and Economics

"Global USFQ"


Bachelor of Arts in Finance
8 semesters
Teaching Mode
Face to Face Learning

The Finance program focuses on analyzing national and international financial markets and evaluating business management with innovative tools to invest in capital, currency, or derivatives markets. Likewise, trends, practices, and methodologies used in the international arena are explored, all of which allow for efficient management through the effective management of monetary resources, financial resources, and the analysis of relevant information that comes from the financial statements.

The Finance program offers a comprehensive training as it relies on tools from other disciplines such as Administration, Marketing, and Economics. Similarly, in the degree course, projects are evaluated through case studies and the design of financial models, which allows future professionals to develop specific competencies of the profession and sharp performance in the workplace. Likewise, the use of various financial techniques is framed so the student may focus on decision-making that contributes to business growth in an ethical and human environment that promotes social development and preserves the environment.

The School of Business USFQ Finance program:

  1. Allows the student to develop comprehensively and broaden the professional perspective through the analysis of multiple perspectives, which leads to better managerial decision-making.
  2. From a financial perspective, seeks the implementation of successful strategies, direction, and business planning in the local, regional, and global context.
  3. Companies seeking to have the best personnel in the financial area go to the graduate database or request recommendations, since they know about the academic leadership of USFQ, integrating appropriately into their organization's vision.
  4. Allows for the development of the investigative spirit to detect the problems, processes, and individual corporate realities, and the markets in the local, national, and international context related to their profession.
  5. Operate in accordance with values and codes of ethics in a way that benefits society, without causing any harm, especially to the most vulnerable sectors of society.


  • USFQ is the only university in the country to have a Bloomberg laboratory, that professors use in their classes to teach and apply theoretical concepts with real-time information. 
  • The Academic Finance Club aims to bring finance students closer to the institutions that make up the national financial system.
  • The program has professors of the highest personal and professional quality, with extensive experience, both locally and internationally. Their academic training is of the highest level (Ph.D., M.A., and M.S.) in universities with recognized international experience. They have extensive work experience and a passion for teaching, committed to the integral development of students.
  • 40% of full-time professors in Finance are enrolled in the CFA INSTITUTE's CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program, one of the most prestigious and rigorous accreditation programs in the field, and one that endorses financial knowledge from professional practice.
  • Curriculum that is carefully designed to train leaders in the area with national and international vision and academic rigor, promoting free, creative, and innovative people with a vast business culture, who will act with social responsibility in their professional fields.
  • Study plan that allows theoretical and practical experiences.
  • Participation in the planning, development, and evaluation of research and consulting projects with national and international centers.
  • Student exchange agreements with various universities around the world.
  • Agreements with national and international organizations for internships and volunteer work.
  • Infrastructure with first-class technology through the different laboratories and facilities of USFQ.

Professional Profile

The USFQ School of Business graduate is a person of integrity who practices and promotes ethical conduct in and out of academia, knows the theory and possesses the tools necessary for professional business management focused on deep market knowledge, creation of valuable consumer solutions and development of positioning strategies. In addition, he/she applies critical thinking and initiative and is able to adapt them to a challenging local, regional and international environment.

Professional field

  • A professional in the Finance program has a wide labor market to choose from because they can interact in the financial area of all kinds of companies, both public and private, national and international. They can operate in the stock market or in banking institutions, as well as in auditing or risk rating companies. Their knowledge of marketing, administration, and economics provide a comprehensive training that allows them to be the connecting link between the financial area and other areas of the company.
  • Our graduates have successfully worked in financial services companies, in the industrial and commercial sector, in positions such as Analysts in Financial Management, Analysts of Business Valuations, Consulting Assistants in debt restructuring, Analysts of various departments in banking, or as heads of the finance department in their family business.


Testimonials From Our Graduates:

"My studies at the University of San Francisco de Quito were my gateway to corporate finance. Currently, I work as a Risk Analyst at Pronaca, one of the largest companies in the country. This work allowed me to understand two things: first, that the academic training of the Finance career was the best that I could have received in this country, and second, that this training was not the only thing that the university gave me. USFQ allows you to have a long-term vision of your professional life without being classified under a title. Complementing your degree with Administration, Marketing, Economics, and the General College allows you to have the confidence to think big, beyond what your degree tells you to do. The USFQ graduate in Finance can take any direction, and with the necessary effort, have a successful professional career."

- María Alejandra Martínez -

"Before taking classes in the Finance program, I was not sure which CADE specialty to pursue; however, when taking several classes with highly motivated professors capable of communicating true passion for their professions, the decision was easy. Thus, professors with experience in both the private and public sectors and in research, motivated me to specialize in Finance. The solid knowledge acquired in classes gave me the basis to find a job in a multinational company, in which thanks largely to analytical thinking promoted by the USFQ Liberal Arts system, I was able to be promoted, in less than two years, from intern to temporary worker in Guayaquil, and then finally become a permanent part of the 'Operations Finance' team. Currently, I am in Europe evaluating which master's degree covers my interests best, with the aim of ​​continuing my training on this continent."

- Leo Burri -

 “Having studied Finance at USFQ has opened doors professionally from very early on. First, I had the opportunity to work at a major bank in the country. Subsequently, I became involved in the insurance industry, where I have been working for four years. The knowledge of the market and the philosophy that my professors taught me were essential to have a competitive advantage beforehand compared to the rest of the people who applied to the positions where I have worked. Undoubtedly, USFQ's vision had an intense impact on me; I attribute many of my achievements to date to this, and at 25 years old, I am in a leadership position in Tecniseguros, the most important insurance broker in the country.”

- Tomás Morejón -

“I consider that my experience at USFQ was very enriching because it gave me a solid foundation of technical knowledge and personal teachings, which allowed me to have an accelerated development in the professional and personal field. During my years of study, the University contributed to the growth of my critical, analytical, and human skills, since it has an excellent group of professionals who promote not only traditional teaching but also the development of behaviors with extraordinary events such as: projects, workshops, and talks, among other extracurricular activities.

This is why it will always be a pride to be part of USFQ and I hope to uphold the institution's name throughout my professional career.”
- José Dávila -


Our Students' Comments:

“The University of San Francisco de Quito has been a unique place for my professional and personal growth, thanks to its liberal arts methodology and its diverse promotion of extracurricular activities and international programs, which have allowed me to form a universal, professional, and academic approach that promote sustainable development in any business environment. Participating actively as vice president of the USFQ Finance Club has allowed me to link the labor market with the academy, through the organization and creation of financial and economic dissemination events, in order to transmit knowledge throughout the Ecuadorian population. I really appreciate USFQ's vision in promoting students capable of positively changing the world, with well-formed ethical values ​​and principles and, above all, with challenges and yearnings to make Ecuador a more entrepreneurial and competitive country."

- Eduardo Rodriguez -


Our Professors' Comments:

“Teaching Bachelor's of Finance classes within the programs of the Business School of the College of Administration and Economics CADE, is at all times an inspiring challenge on a personal and professional level. This is due to the fact that the students show a deep interest in handling financial tools and being concerned with deepening their knowledge while also presenting a strong commitment to comprehensive training, in accordance with the principles of Liberal Arts on which USFQ is based. Additionally, my fellow professors have extensive professional experience, as well as the administrative and support staff with whom we create a unique environment, where creativity and camaraderie arise spontaneously.”

- Candy Abad, Ph.D, Academic Coordinator of the Bachelor of Finance -

"I have had Finance students who won awards at Thunderbird University and Boston University. I have also had students who excelled at Harvard and at the London School of Economics in their Master's degrees. This demonstrates the very high quality of teaching provided within this USFQ program. Since 2015, I have taught more than 50 courses at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in the MBA and the Master's of Finance programs, I am always pleasantly surprised to see that the level of our program in Finance and the quality of many of our students live up to those excellent programs."

- Magdalena Barreiro, Ph.D. -

“It will seem banal, but I finished school in 1987 in the US and started my university studies towards the end of that same year, when the original movie Michael Douglas movie 'Wall Street' was released. A professor in my Finance classes had the virtue of intertwining the themes of the film with class material and since then I have been intrigued by the strength of the stock markets and the impact they had on wealth, prosperity, and people's self-esteem. From that moment on, I was eternally infected with enthusiasm for Finance. That same enthusiasm is what attracted me to the Finance program at USFQ Business School as a professor, because the same spirit prevails as when I first started my studies in Finance.”

- Esteban Serrano, CFA candidate -

Academic Faculty