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Interactive Media Design

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
8 semesters
Teaching Mode
Face to Face Learning

The future of design is digital. From smartwatches tracking our every step to sensors seamlessly integrated into our clothing, technology permeates every facet of our lives. The Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design equips students with the skills and knowledge to creatively navigate the evolving landscape of technology interaction. This program fosters innovative designs, platforms, and people-centered experiences.

Program Highlights

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Our graduates possess an interdisciplinary profile, combining critical thinking with a creative exploration of emerging interactive technologies.
  • Artistic and Technical Expertise: The program emphasizes both artistic and technical aspects, including design and programming.
  • Hands-On Learning: Students gain practical experience in web design and development, mobile applications, video games, UI/UX design, creative programming for animation and interactive narratives, and physical interface computing.



The Interactive Media Design program at Universidad San Francisco de Quito is a truly unique offering in the country. We specialize in shaping professionals with a versatile skill set, capable of seamlessly integrating design, art, and programming.

  • Bachelor's Degree: Our Bachelor's Degree in Interactive Media Design empowers students to harness technology, crafting interactive experiences that include the development of video games, applications, installations, web portals, and much more.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Throughout the four-year program, students have access to cutting-edge technology tools, enabling them to create innovative and impactful interactive products.

  • Visionary Focus: This degree is specifically tailored for visionary and creative individuals who aspire to make a global impact by developing interactive products or services.


At Universidad San Francisco de Quito, we emphasize the importance of global networking and collaboration:

  • International Exchange: The USFQ Interactive Media Department has exchange agreements with renowned universities in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

  • Cumulus Network: We are proud to be part of the Cumulus network, which is the world's only network of universities dedicated to arts, design, and interactivity.

  • Academic Events: Our department organizes several academically significant events, including the Processing Community Day, a global initiative that promotes the use of open-source software on a worldwide, free, and inclusive scale.


Our faculty members are highly qualified and experienced:

  • Advanced Degrees: All our professors hold advanced degrees from internationally esteemed universities abroad.

  • Expertise: They are seasoned designers and developers of Interactive Experiences, having led projects of various kinds with a strong technological and interactive component.


We provide excellent resources to support your education:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our state-of-the-art labs, equipment, and tools facilitate projects in mixed realities, physical installations, and electronic ventures.

  • Continuous Innovation: We continually update and incorporate new technologies and hardware to ensure a dynamic curriculum that aligns with the present and future market demands.

Discover the world of Interactive Media Design at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Join us to explore a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary program that prepares you for a successful career in the evolving field of interactive technology and design.

Career Opportunities

Graduating from our Interactive Media Design program opens the door to a thriving job market. Our graduates are in high demand, sought after for their expertise in interactive development and design. Their comprehensive skill set makes them invaluable assets to organizations of all sizes, seeking creative and adaptable professionals.

Where Our Alumni Work

Explore the diverse range of companies where our alumni have found rewarding careers:

  • Startups: Thriving on innovation and technology, startups seek professionals who can create cutting-edge platforms and applications that align with market trends.

  • Software Development Companies: In a sector experiencing steady growth, our graduates excel in high-level software development.

  • Digital and Content Agencies: An increasing number of companies turn to agencies for optimizing digital channels and delivering quality content. Our graduates play a pivotal role in conversion campaigns, web optimization, and interactive content.

  • Multimedia and Transmedia Production Companies: Storytelling is evolving with concepts like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360-degree video, and the Metaverse. Our program equips students to pioneer these innovative forms of content.

  • Video Game Development Companies: As the video game industry continues to dominate mass entertainment, our graduates shine with their creative, innovative, and experimental vision.

  • Technology Departments in Medium and Large Companies: Staying competitive in today's market often requires a strong technology department. Our program prepares students to master various technological tools and integrate seamlessly into any company's technical team.

  • Digital Entrepreneurship: If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, our program provides a solid foundation for turning your digital product or service ideas into reality. The knowledge gained here is an indispensable asset for positioning your venture in the market.

Discover the boundless career possibilities in Interactive Media Design at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Our program equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel in a dynamic job market, making you a valuable asset across diverse industries and sectors. Your journey to a fulfilling career starts here.

Professional Profile

At Universidad San Francisco de Quito, a graduate with a degree in Interactive Media Design is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet the dynamic demands of today's job market. As a result, our graduates are in high demand by companies both within the Ecuador and internationally.

They are uniquely qualified to provide leadership in various employment sectors related to the creative industry, encompassing interactive design in fields such as education, engineering, art, science, marketing, social media, and numerous other forms of digital interactivity.

Our students possess a blend of creative and technical prowess, enabling them to create a diverse array of interactive experiences. These include web platforms, applications, installations, video games, immersive content, and much more.

Discover how our Interactive Media Design program at Universidad San Francisco de Quito can prepare you for a dynamic career in the ever-evolving world of interactive technology and design. Your journey to becoming an industry leader begins here.

Student Testimonials

Darío Pazmiño, Junior Developer at Jobsity

"In 2015, USFQ welcomed me, and after four years, I can confidently say that it has not only enhanced my professional growth but also shaped me as an individual. USFQ is more than just courses and grades; it's an enriching life experience. Opting for the Interactive Media program was the best decision I ever made. It provided me with the opportunity to hone my skills and creativity in a dynamic and diverse environment tailored to each student's preferences and expectations. I take immense pride in being a part of USFQ, first as a student, and now as a graduate. Forever a Dragon!"

María Fernanda Ramírez, Webmaster at Grupo El Comercio

"The Graphic Design program with a focus on Interactive Media at USFQ stimulates your mind to generate creative, functional solutions for everyday problems. During my four years of study, I learned that success comes through teamwork, which is exactly what Liberal Arts encourage - forming multidisciplinary teams that view the world with critical eyes and different perspectives, all working together to solve problems.

Studying Graphic Design with a focus on Interactive Media provides you with the freedom and tools to create functional and aesthetically pleasing digital products. For me, the best part of the program is the hands-on classes, where you learn through experimentation."

Juan Camilo Sus, Senior Student

"I believe I couldn't have chosen a better university or major for my professional development. USFQ is a university that never stops reinventing itself or keeping up with the latest trends semester after semester. In a field as rapidly evolving as Graphic Design with a focus on technology, it's essential to stay updated on topics and development methods that are always aligned with current technologies. That's why I appreciate that the university always strives to stay up-to-date and introduces students to new development processes. I thoroughly enjoyed delving into areas related to development and studying subjects essential for comprehending every stage of the design and coding process. With an excellent group of professors, USFQ is well-equipped to address any doubts or challenges that arise during your education."

Discover more about the transformative experiences of our students and graduates at Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Join our vibrant community and embark on your own journey of growth and discovery.

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