Interior Design

College of Architecture and Interior Design

“We integrate creative and technical solutions to create functional spaces”

Interior Design

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design
8 semesters
Teaching Mode
Face to Face Learning

The Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design focuses on generating creative, functional, and aesthetic solutions for interior spaces applying tools and techniques, from the conventional to those that are more experimental. It also uses a global vision to make important decisions within the parameters of the socioeconomic and cultural contexts. Professionals in Interior Design also apply basic knowledge of architecture, decorative arts, and other arts in a historical and cultural context. Knowledge on factors and theories of human behavior in relation to their environment is also obtained in order to apply all aspects of the design process and the creative resolution of problems.


  •  An academic program that emphasizes Interior Design and the ability to transform this design into constructed shapes and spaces.
  • The College of Architecture and Design facilities are frequently renovated in order to include cutting edge technology and digitalize the majority of the processes developed at the College. This digitalization has among its objectives to make spaces flexible and complement exploration and research. It also includes a well-equipped carpentry workshop and paint facilities.
  • The Interior Design program has a library of materials and finishes for a better understanding with physical samples.
  • The program includes an academic trip to different cities that are design icons. Students attend international conferences and fairs, in addition to visiting companies and showrooms where they analyze the latest trends in the different areas of design: commercial, hospitality, and residential.
  • The program takes advantage of the exchange possibilities offered by USFQ with renowned universities in the United States. It maintains an agreement with Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD, among others. Our students can attend any of their campuses for a year; their Interior Design program is number one in the United States.
  • The professors of the College of Architecture and Interior Design are professionals with extensive experience and solid training, most of them with master's degrees from world-renowned Universities. The College also attracts young professionals seeking to develop an innovative academic experience alongside professional practice. During the graduation phase, experts are invited to support the pedagogical processes.

Professional Field

Individuals who graduate from the Interior Design program become professionals with characteristics of excellence in the areas of design and techniques. They will be trained to develop residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality, remodeling, or any other type of interior design. They will be able to generate creative, functional, and aesthetic solutions appropriate for the space requested. They will be trained to not only carry out the design but also the budgeting, supervision, and construction of these spaces.

Individuals who graduate from the Interior Design program will have the ability to work as independent professionals or to work together with builders, architects, engineers, or others from related professions.


Testimonials from our students:

“Studying Interior Design at USFQ allowed me to dabble in creative knowledge without neglecting important career techniques. It also helped me to interact with important companies and clients. Studying in an environment focused on the needs and requirements of the environment where you are going to practice is very important because it allows you to go out into the professional world with the clear parameters that you will use in your work since, despite being a field of great creativity, it also has its limitations.”

- Valeria Peña

“I graduated from Interior Design in December 2011. Since then, I have worked with two architects part time, and I have designed and built three projects alone. At the moment I want to gain work experience to be able to study abroad. I want to thank USFQ for all my achievements so far, since the knowledge acquired there has provided me with the basic and indispensable tools to create my designs and launch myself into the professional world.”

- Daniela Corral


Comments from our professors:

The Interior Design program focuses on developing functional spaces, considering all creative and practical aspects, without neglecting the importance of universal accessibility. Students are exposed to a variety of events, where they can observe and learn about the latest design trends, including exhibitions, international fairs, and guest professors. This generates a competitive advantage when practicing interior design.

- Andrea Pinto

Our program is oriented towards architecture, and the design of interior spaces, much more than the beautification of surfaces. Students understand the link between theory and practice through conceptual explorations of space, materials, and their expression.

- Helena Garino

Academic Faculty

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