Master’s in Physics

Master’s in Physics

General information

Mmaster’s in Physics

4 semesters
Courses: 13
Total credits: 56
Academic hours: 2640

Full time.

Monday through Friday, from 07h00 to 18h00.

Registration: $909
Tuition: $9091
Full scholarships

Start of classes:
January 2019

Dates of entrance examination:
1 October, 2018.
Details of entrance examination

For further details on the examination please contact:

Milagros Pinto
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: (+593 2) 297-1700 ext. 2033


This program is aimed at forming top-level professionals in the field of scientific research, both basic and applied, who can perform duties in either the public or the private sector.

Its main objective is to train professional scientists who are able, through their training in theoretical and experimental physics, to expand the study of matter and energy at various spatial scales; predict and apply the physical properties of different natural systems in all their phases, ordered and disordered; and, successfully continue their doctorate studies (PhD). We expect graduates to be able to solve complex problems in a simple manner, and apply their knowledge and skills towards the industrial and technological development of the country, as well as strengthening its system of higher education.

Candidate profile:

This program is designed for professionals who possess solid fundamental knowledge of physics and mathematics, and that hold at least one university degree in:

  • Broad fields: natural sciences; mathematics and statistics; information and communication technologies
  • Specific fields: Engineering and related professions

Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the following contents by taking an entrance examination specifically designed for this program: differential and integral calculus; vector calculus; linear algebra; probabilities and statistics; ordinary and partial derivative differential equations; complex variables; classical mechanics; electricity and magnetism; thermodynamics; and modern physics.

Candidates must be disciplined, honest people with an enterprising spirit, that can work both independently and in a group to meet the program’s high academic expectations. Their academic record must give evidence of outstanding performance during undergraduate studies. They must possess the maturity and emotional stability necessary to meet the demands of the institution, their teachers, and their tutors. They must also demonstrate that their objective for enrolling in the Master’s in Physics is to follow a career path that requires the abilities, skills, and knowledge acquired during this program.

Program contacts:

For further information:

Dario Niebieskikwiat, Ph.D.
Teléfono: (+593 2) 297-1700 ext. 1246

Milagros Pinto
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: (+593 2) 297-1700 ext. 2033

Santiago Tapia
Telephone: (+593 2) 297-1700 ext. 1824

Occupational field

Graduates of the program will find employment as researchers and academicians in scientific and technological fields, in both the public and private sectors, contributing to the betterment of science, technology, the environment, education, and production through scientific research based on knowledge. The program affords students with an adequate basis from which to continue their PhD studies in physics or related fields, such as engineering or cutting edge science. Those holding a Master’s in Physics degree have ample employment opportunities in the country’s technological and higher education systems.


  • Only research master’s in physics program in Ecuador.
  • Scientific cooperation with the best laboratories in the world, the United States, Europe, and Latin America.
  • Highly trained professors
  • Immersion in cutting-edge scientific projects, in permanent contact with program professors
  • Student access to adequate physical spaces, computer technologies, and experimental instruments available at USFQ, with the best laboratories in the country, in order to undertake academic activities


Basic requirements:

  • University degree from a nationally accredited university, duly registered with SENESCYT, in: natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, information and communication technologies, or related fields of engineering.
  • Demonstrate sufficiency in English equivalent to Level A2 in the Common European Framework
  • Copy of national identity card or passport.
  • Degree certificate with final grade.
  • Official grade transcript.
  • Printed SENESCYT registration of degree.
  • Approve the USFQ postgraduate entrance examination. Please refer to the postgraduate admissions process at USFQ:

Program-specific requirements:

  • Present two academic letters of recommendation in a sealed envelope
  • Present a letter that indicates motivation for entering the program (maximum length of 600 words).
  • Take and pass an entrance examination designed by the Academic Committee of the Master’s in Physics program. This exam covers topics mentioned in the Candidate Profile section.
  • Personal interview with the program’s professors

Funding and scholarships

  • In accordance with the Postgraduate Scholarship Regulations of the program, all candidates who so wish may be considered for full scholarships to the program.
  • For further information regarding scholarships, please contact us by email or telephone as indicated in the contacts section below.
  • Guides
  • Master’s in Physics examination guide
  • Inscription to the Master’s in Physics entrance examination: