Specialization in Endodontics *

College of Health Sciences
Endodontic Specialist
Academic School

Two years


Total credits: 136

Academic hours: 2176

Teaching Mode
In-Person Classes.
Full Time.

Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 20:00.


Approved November 27th, 2014

Extension of the duration established January 25th, 2017

Resolution RPC-SO-06-No.043.2014

Extension RPC-SO-03-No.056.2017

Total Cost

Enrollment Fee: $1,184
Tuition: $11,832

Application Examination Dates

Program not valid for new applications.

Pending new re-opening.


The Specialization in Endodontics trains professionals who demonstrate a theoretical and clinical mastery in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pulpal and periapical pathologies, revealing in turn independence and creativity in solving problems related to the different clinical procedures of Endodontics.

On the other hand, it trains specialists with ethical attitudes and values that adequately guide their professional practice, to improve the quality of their dental-patient relationship and with society in general.

Applicant's Profile

Professionals who are Dentists registered st SENESCYT and are interested in completing the Specialty in Endodontics and who also demonstrate an elevated spirit of improvement and social responsibility: their previous academic achievements and their level of involvement in extracurricular, social, and community activities will be taken into account for this purpose.

Career field

The Specializations in Odontology of the University of San Francisco de Quito are designed so that graduates have a high degree of depth and application in the different areas of Odontology. Our graduates will be able to join both private practice and public institutions related to this discipline of knowledge.


There are few graduate-level courses offered in Ecuador compared to the number of general dentists who graduate from the different universities throughout the country, so many of them go abroad to carry out their fourth level studies. In the city of Quito, the University of San Francisco has the only Postgraduate Program in Endodontics approved by the Council of Higher Education, with over a decade of experience. Our professors have years of clinical and teaching experience.

The Endodontic Specialist will be a professional with a high capacity for innovation, technique, and methodology in the Endodontic field and in emergency management; they will be able to solve oral health problems through a correct diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pulpal and periapical diseases, using and developing skills in current technologies, such as microscopy, rotary systems, and periapical surgery.

Upon completion of their specialization in endodontics, the professional will be able to show a theoretical and clinical mastery for each specific case in this area, demonstrating their independence and creativity in solving problems related to the different clinical procedures of Endodontics.

On the other hand, the specialist is expected to adopt ethical attitudes and values ​​that adequately guide their professional practice in order to improve the quality of their dentist-patient relationship and with society in general.


Basic requirements:

  • Graduate degree in Odontology, issued by an accredited university in the country and registered with SENESCYT. For those with graduate degrees obtained abroad, the degrees must be consolably apostilled or legalized. The University will verify that the degree corresponds to a graduate degree level, in accordance with the current Academic System Regulations.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the English language equivalent to A2 of the Common European Framework.
  • Copy of identity card or passport.
  • Degree Certificate with grade average. 
  • Official transcript with grades.
  • Registration of the printed SENESCYT certification.
  • Pass the USFQ graduate degree admission exam. To do so, refer to the admissions process at: http://www.usfq.edu.ec/admisiones/admisiones_posgrado

Specific requirements:

  • Official certificate of having completed the year of Social Service in Rural Health, issued by the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador.
  • Pass the knowledge test for the applicable specialty.
  • Interview with the program coordinator and professors.
  • Resume. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Semi-annual or annual payments.


“Culminating as a specialist in Endodontics of the USFQ program has managed to open doors for me, even before I completed my specialty. The professors' level of demand and their academic plan of study goes hand in hand with the high infrastructure and technology of their clinics, making it the best decision when it comes to selecting a leading university.

I am currently working as an endodontist in nine dental clinics in Quito and one in the city of Loja. In most of these clinics, I started as a replacement specialist. Still, thanks to my demonstrated skills and abilities, I have quickly reached the position of main endodontist, increasing the prestige of the places where I work.”

- Dora Luz Arellano C.,  Private Clinic Practice in Endodontics -

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