Textile Arts

College of Communication and Contemporary Arts
Minor description

The minor in Textile Arts is aimed at all students of any major who wish to delve deeper into artistic creation through textile media and techniques. This minor may be of special interest to Visual Arts, Fashion Design and Interior Design majors.

Proudly, USFQ is the only university in Ecuador that has a serious offer in textile arts subjects, being this a branch of great relevance in the current art world, which places us at the forefront of academic training in textile arts in the country.

Students who opt for this minor will be able to handle different textile techniques and experiment with them to create works and projects of relevance within the context of contemporary textile arts.

To complete this minor it will be necessary to take a theoretical subject (Fundamentals of the Arts), as well as Creation Laboratory 1 to develop their culmination project. Additionally, students will take 3 elective workshops, 2 of which will be in textile techniques (textile elective) and an additional one (complementary elective). In total 5 courses and 15 credits.

Credit hours
Curriculum Details
2 required courses
ART 1701 Fundamentals of the Arts 3  
ART 2701 Creative Laboratory 1 3  
Choose 2 elective workshops in textile techniques:
ART 2602 Macrame Weaving Workshop 3  
ART 1601 Basic Weaving 3  
ART 4604 Textile Experimentation 3 ART 2602 Macrame Weaving Workshop or DMO 2301 Fashion Workshop 1 o ART 1601 Basic Weaving
Choose 1 complementary elective course from the following list:
ART 2001 Drawing for Art and Design 3  
ART 1204 Fundamentals of Sculpture 3  
DMO 2001 Textile Technology Workshop 3  
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