Considering Applying


  • Be a regular face-to-face USFQ student. 
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 at the time of application and maintain it until the moment of participating in the exchange.
  • Be studying at least the third consecutive semester (minimum load each semester) at USFQ at the time of applying.
  • Not be in the last year or be about to graduate.
  • Not be taking the applicable Curricular Integration Unit, nor have completed the requirements to graduate.
  • Have no open cases or serious sanctions to the honor code.
  • Have the results of the language certificate until the application deadline. (i.e. Toefl results). If a university does not require TOEFL, you must at least have passed English level 5 at the USFQ or have a TOEFL of at least 60.
  • OPI will consider the student´s performance throughout their studies, so can deny the application of a student with “D” or “F” in courses of their major or General College, even if they have repeated and passed those courses.

Search of Universities

Instructions for finding universities:

  1. Look for your degree in the “Universities by degree” file, which is divided by colleges.
  2. In the SPOTS tab, check if the university you are interested in has places available for the semester you want to apply to.
  3. In the SCHOLARSHIPS tab, check if the university you are interested in offers any type of scholarship to cover living costs.
  4. To have more information about the universities, download the factsheet of each one in the University Finder tool.


During the exchange, the program costs work as follows:

  • Payment of 100% of the tuition to USFQ + Living costs in the foreign university.

For all students

  • If you have a Scholarship or Financial Assistance, it is kept during the exchange.
  • You pay the host University: accommodation, food, medical insurance, airfare, books, visa and special fees. These costs vary according to the country and the University.
  • You can find estimated costs of these items in the fact sheets of each University in the “University Finder”.
  • If you want to go on an exchange and require support from USFQ, you can apply for special financial aid for the exchange; Such assistance may include a scholarship percentage and a loan percentage. The exchange coordinator will inform you of the requirements and deadlines to apply for this special financial aid.
  • In the event that your exchange is for one year, you must take into account that you will have Financial Aid for the exchange for one semester only.
  • For more information on Financial Aid, please get in contact with them.

*If you decide to withdraw from the exchange programme, after having accepted the university to which you were assigned, you will have to pay a fine of $300.