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Contest Scholarships

Annually the Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ organizes competitions in different academic areas. The winners receive full or partial scholarships to study at the USFQ.

Detailed information, registration dates, rules, requirements and percentages of scholarships awarded for each contest, can be found in the following list (click on the name of the scholarship):

Charles Darwin Biological and Environmental Sciences
Claude Bourgelat Veterinary Medicine
Culinary Challenge / Junior Chef Gastronomy
David Ricardo Economy
Dimitri Mendeléyev Chemical Engineering
Enrico Fermi Physics
Euclides Mathematics 
Excellence in Service Hospitality & Hotel Management
Betty Meggers Anthropology
Humboldt Undergraduate Careers
Interpretatio Social Sciences and Humanities
J.C. Maxwell College of Science and Engineering
John Dewey Education
Maria Albán Journalism
Marie Curie College of Science and Engineering
Next Gen Fashion Design
Norman Borlaug Agronomy Engineering
Punto de Giro Cinema
Terra Mater Environmental Engineering
Voxel COCOA Interactive Media
WISE College of Science and Engineering


  • Always maintain a cumulative semester average of at least 3.5/4.0
  • Not earn a grade of "C" or lower in any subject
  • Be a full-time student at the USFQ


  • The contests apply only for entry in August
  • Students who have taken the remedial test to improve their admission score are not eligible to participate. The student will be able to repeat the admission test only if he/she is in the second year of high school and thus improve his/her grade to apply to any program.
  • The scholarships are renewed annually, as long as the student meets the academic conditions.
  • Apply for renewal according to the published dates and the established process.
  • All the scholarships offered by the USFQ apply on university education fees and not on tuition fees.

Published Dates