Contest Scholarships

The University organizes annual competitions for specific areas of study at USFQ.  Winners are awarded partial or full scholarships on the value of the tuition fee to study a career.

Aimed at

Students who meet the application requirements established in each competition for entry in August 2022.

What are the Contest Scholarships?

Detailed information including registration dates, competition rules, scholarship percentages awarded and the academic areas that offer competitions are listed below:

Academic College Career Scholarship
Colegio de Administración y Economía (CADE) Economics David Ricardo
All CADE Careers Humboldt
Colegio de Arquitectura y Diseño Interior (CADI) Architecture and Interior Design Humboldt
Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades (COCISOH) Anthropology Betty Meggers
Education John Dewey
All COCISOH careers Interpretatio
Ciencias e Ingenierías (POLI) Chemical Engineering Dimitri Mendeleyev
Physics Enrico Fermi
Agronomy Engineering Norman Borlaug
Environmental Engineering Terra Mater
Mathematics Euclides
Industrial Engineering Frederick Taylor
Electronics and Automation Engineering Nikola Tesla
Computer Engineering Ada Lovelace
Civil Engineering Construye Futuro
Mechanical Engineering James Watt
Food Engineering Nicolás Appert
All Polytechnic careers WISE
Marie Curie*
J.C. Maxwell*
Colegio de Jurisprudencia (JUR) Law Humboldt
Ciencias Biológicas y Ambientales (COCIBA) Biology and Biotechnology Engineering Charles Darwin
Ciencias de la Salud (COCSA) Veterinary Medicine Claude Bourgelat
Nutrition and Dietetics Humboldt
Hospitalidad, Arte Culinario y Turismo (CHAT) Gastronomy Culinary Challenge / Junior Chef
Hospitality and Hotel Management Excellence in Service
All CHAT careers Humboldt
Comunicación y Artes Contemporáneas (COCOA) Journalism María Albán
Visual Arts: Fashion Design Next Gen
Film Punto de Giro
Interactive Media Voxel
All COCOA Careers Humboldt

* The bases of the J.C. Maxwell and Marie Curie Competitions will be updated in the first quarter of next year, 2022.



  • Those interested in participating in a scholarship contest must access the contest rules and complete the specific requirements of the contest.
  • Take the university entrance exam for admission in August 2022 on the following dates:
    • October 02
      October 23rd
      November 13th
      December 11
      December 18th
      January 22nd
      February 5th
  • Students who have taken a remedial exam to improve their exam grade will not be able to participate. *

* The student may repeat the admission test only if he/she is in the second year of high school and thus improve his/her grade to apply to any program.

Terms and Conditions

What is the scholarship percentage? Review the rules of the contest of interest
Does the scholarship apply to the tuition fee? No
Does the scholarship cover a career? Yes
What is the required semester and cumulative GPA? 3.5/4.0
Is the scholarship renewable? Yes
Can you apply for summer? Yes
Can the scholarship be reserved? No
Is it possible to apply retroactively? No
Is it possible to combine with other scholarships? No
Is it possible to lose the scholarship? Yes

Proceso de obtención de becas

Seguir los lineamientos expuestos por cada concurso. Los ganadores de cada concurso serán becarios.