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The College of Business Administration, framed within the philosophy of the Liberal Arts, educates generalists who integrate business administration knowledge with human development competencies to lead ventures or strategic proposals through an immersive learning approach and the inherent synergy between business and academia. We are driven by the mission to lead with integrity and freedom to create value in society.


Undergraduate Programs (Majors)

We offer programs where you will gain solid knowledge, strengthen communication skills, critical thinking, and analysis and research, and receive a comprehensive humanist training.

Academic Schools

During the past three decades, USFQ has consolidated a wide alternative in academic programs and in different branches of knowledge. Many of our Schools are leaders in each of their areas within Ecuadorian higher education.


We offer a multidisciplinary education supported by the versatility of global knowledge and methodologies.
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Our mission is to educate free and honest individuals, capable of undertaking, creating value for organizations, and positively transforming society. The College of Business Administration educates generalists capable of flexibly contributing their knowledge within the company, generating sustainable business synergies.


The College of Business Administration will be a model of business education within the philosophy of the Liberal Arts, a leader in the training of entrepreneurs in Ecuador, and recognized for the quality and leadership of its graduates and for its positive impact on the community.

What is Administration?

Administration is a professional discipline that applies scientific and mathematical approaches to operational processes and managerial decisions of organizations. This discipline combines both quantitative methods such as probabilistic analysis, statistical inference, optimization, mathematical models, and programming, as well as qualitative methodologies such as communication, organizational behavior, and psychology. Administration is used virtually in all areas of business, industry, and government, for example:

  • Financial Services
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations
  • Manufacturing, engineering, and high technology
  • Transportation Systems
  • Service Industries such as Health and Insurance
  • Strategic consulting

As a science, Administration focuses on the design and management of complex systems, and is used to investigate a broad range of strategic and logistical problems. For example, a financial analyst, an organizational leader, and a marketing manager may apply financial management techniques to answer the following questions:

  • What is the best investment portfolio for a client who wants to retire within 15 years?
  • What managerial decisions generate value for the organization beyond profits?
  • What is the optimal cost/benefit combination of various product lines?

These are multifaceted and complex problems that involve an element of risk. The discipline of Administration provides a systematic approach to solving them using quantitative and qualitative techniques that analyze the human and social dimensions involved. Administrative solutions take into account the complexity of the real world and the constraints and effort required to find viable, sustainable, and responsible solutions with substantial resource savings.


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