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Political Science

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
8 semesters
Teaching Mode
Face to Face Learning

Political Science studies the structures, forms, and power relations that exist in a society. Through the program, students will obtain a solid basis of knowledge, skills, and analytical abilities related to the main philosophical currents of politics, as well as their implementation. Among the topics studied in this major are issues of governance, political representation, analysis of public opinion, and political behavior of individuals and societies.

In addition to the core subjects of the discipline, the program’s plan of study offers students a diverse range of courses from sociology, law, international relations, economics, history, psychology, communication, methodology , and data science as complements to their training. Thus, USFQ Bachelor’s in Political Science graduates will obtain a broad education that integrates the study of the philosophical and practical dimensions of human behavior, with a Liberal Arts philosophy.

Competitive Advantages

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science integrates USFQ’s training in Liberal Arts with subjects of the discipline, making it the only Political Science program in the Spanish-speaking world with its characteristics.

USFQ’s Political Science program’s curriculum provides a balance between theory, substantive knowledge, and methodological analysis tools (both qualitative and quantitative) that will allow graduates to gain versatility in their training and thus perform in a variety of roles in the professional world.

The emphasis that USFQ’s major in Political Science makes on training in quantitative and qualitative social analysis methods makes it different from any other Political Science program in the country.

USFQ’s Political Sciences area and the College of Social Sciences and Humanities both have a teaching staff with academic training of the highest level, with PhDs from world-renowned universities. The flexibility USFQ’s major in Political Science academic program allows students to choose courses according to their academic interests and, thus, personalize their training.

Field of Employment

  • Government and Public Administration
  • Strategic administration of diverse companies and/or organizations
  • Analysis of Public Opinion/survey research
  • Teaching and academic research
  • Consulting (various kinds)
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Foundations
  • International Cooperation
  • Journalism/Political Communications
  • Public Relations

Professional profile

Graduates of the USFQ’s Bachelor of Arts in Political Science will be professionals capable of understanding and analyzing the different political phenomena in all their complexity, with rigor and depth. Thus, they will be able to lead and advise governments, companies, and organizations of various kinds, and work in a wide range of fields related to the discipline, such as communication, journalism, research and social analysis, and international relations.

Academic Faculty

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