Master’s in Microbiology

Master’s in Microbiology

General information

Master’s in Microbiology

2 years
Courses: 20
Total credits: 59
Academic hours: 2752

on-site, full time

Monday through Friday from 7h30 to 19h00 (varies according to teacher availability)
Saturday (09h00 to 18h00) and Sundays (09h00 to 16h00)

Registration: $1.456,00
Tuition: $14.544,00

Start of classes:
January 2019
Dates of entrance examination:
14 July,
4 August and
15 September.


This program is designed for professionals with a university degree in careers related to microbiology.  The program seeks motivated people, who are interested in microbiology and scientific research, and that are willing to meet the expectations of this postgraduate program.

Candidate profile:

Graduates of this program will be trained to assume responsibilities in:

  • Infectious disease research laboratories
  • Microbiological diagnostic laboratories
  • Animal infectious disease research laboratories
  • Research related to the microbiology of pathogens, foods, and environmental and industrial issues.
  • Design of research projects in the field of microbiology

Program contacts:

For further information:

Gabriel Trueba, Ph.D
Program Director
Telephone: (+593 2) 297-1700 ext. 1836

Natalia Chamorro
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: (+593 2) 297-1700 ext. 1789

Santiago Tapia
Postgraduate Coordinator – Admissions
Office: G-100
Telephone: (+593 2) 297-1700 ext. 1824

Occupational field

Our graduates will be trained to perform in all fields of microbiology, including human health, animal health, and food industries, among others.  They will be able to assume managerial or supervisory duties in diagnostic and research laboratories.  They will have a clear understanding of the logical processes that lead to formulation of hypotheses. They will possess the technical abilities needed to carry out an investigation, as well as propose and evaluate projects.


  • Top-level research professors, all of which have PhDs obtained at world-renowned research centers
  • Modern laboratories and availability of cutting edge technology
  • Broad research program that includes different fields of microbiology
  • Research projects conducted jointly with recognized international universities and institutions
  • Full scholarships for students with outstanding academic trajectories


Requirement 1: Have a university degree in: Microbiology, Biology, Medical Technology, Medicine, Biochemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology Engineering, Agronomy, or Environmental Sciences, duly registered at the SENESCYT

Requirement 2: Have completed and presented the program admissions form and paid the corresponding amount.

Requirement 3: Have taken the entrance examination for postgraduate programs at USFQ.

Requirement 4: Demonstrate English proficiency equivalent to a B1 level.

Requirement 5: Have presented three academic recommendation letters.

Requirement 6: Enjoy the rights of citizenship.

Funding and scholarships

Total scholarship, covers registration and tuition costs.
Provost Scholarship, covers registration and tuition costs, the student will also receive a monthly stipend of $400.00 (applies to students with the best grade averages).


“The Master’s in Microbiology at USFQ gave me an international-level science education in my own country, in addition to benefitting from an academic environment predicated on the liberal arts.  The knowledge I acquired, coupled with international contacts made, allowed me to successfully continue my doctoral and postdoctoral studies at an international level”. Paúl Cárdenas, MD., Ph.D.

"Thanks to the Universidad San Francisco de Quito I was able to discover the things that I most love in life: to teach, to learn, and to conduct research.  Having completed my undergraduate and graduate degrees at USFQ was a unique and rewarding experience, both personally and professionally.  I thank the Postgraduate Program and the University for being my second home." Juan Daniel Mosquera, MSc.


Admission requirements

  • Have a university degree in Microbiology, Biology, Medical Technology, Medicine, Biochemistry, Veterinary Medicine, or similar areas, duly certified by SENESCYT.
  • Be fully versed in English, so as to read scientific material in this language.
  • Demonstrate discipline, ambition, analytical capabilities, and an inquisitive, creative mind.
  • Be committed to contributing to science and to help solving problems faced by the Ecuadorian community.

Funding and scholarships

The Master’s in Microbiology offers full scholarships to those candidates who demonstrate having had an outstanding undergraduate career.


If you have any questions about the Master’s in Microbiology, please do not hesitate to contact:

Gabriel Trueba
Director of the Master’s in Microbiology
Universidad San Francisco de Quito, of. Newton Plaza 109
Telephone: (+593 2) 297-1700, ext.1836