Current Topics in Theoretical Chemistry, CTTC
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Current Topics in Theoretical Chemistry, CTTC

Dates: June 29 to July 5, 2019
Place: USFQ, campus Cumbayá

CTTC Description
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry is thought to be a scientific field that could be successfully developed in emerging countries due to the relatively low financial investments needed. Nevertheless, reported data on the scientific production in this particular field indicates otherwise. The Current Topics in Theoretical Chemistry, CTTC, series of workshops and school is born as an initiative that attempts to contribute with a solution to this situation by gathering recognized experts at places where a scientific thrust is required. CTTC editions have been successfully organized in Kathmandu (Nepal, 2012), Nha Trang (Vietnam, 2014), and Trujillo (Peru, 2016) during past years, and in order to continue with this important initiative, the historically renowned city of Quito (Ecuador) will hold the next edition from June 29th to July 7th, 2019.