Human Rights

College of Law
Minor description

The fundamental objective of the Human Rights minor offered by the College of Law is to introduce students to the discussion of some fundamental issues within International Human Rights Law, as well as its main protection mechanisms. Given the nature of this area of ​​International Law, both the courses offered and their content will be constantly evolving.

Credit hours
Additional Information

To complete the Business Law sub-specialization, students must:

1. Pass a TOTAL of 6 subjects. The students of the Law degree can take the three Law Electives that appear in their curriculum to comply with 3 subjects of this minor, and the other 3 subjects must be chosen from the list that appears in the curriculum of the sub-specialization.

2. Additionally, the law student has 2 options: Take the JUR Comprehensive Assessment class on the topic of the chosen subspecialization. Carry out a research work, approved by the coordinator of the subspecialization, according to the requirements established in the Regulations of Subspecializations of the College of Law.

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