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Digital Animation

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Animation
8 semesters
Teaching Mode
Face to Face Learning

The Digital Animation major has four fundamental pillars: drawing, digital tools, the production of animated short films, and comprehensive professional training. The program uses the language of animation to create audiovisual products that can fulfill a variety of functions in society: informing, educating, or entertaining. These products can take the form of fictional animated short films, instructional support clips, informative animations for digital media, visualization of architectural projects, or process simulation, among others. These products can serve private companies, state companies, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The professionals who graduate from the Digital Animation program will be able to work in the national and international industry, maintaining high work standards, as well as being ready to become entrepreneurs within their sector and/or create their own studio.


  • The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Animation has two specialized laboratories fully equipped with the best technology: Cintiq-Wacom tablets, specialized software, and adequate space to replicate work in the studio. Students have access to the laboratories 24/7, guaranteeing safety and comfort.
  • Contact with high-level and internationally renowned professionals, through different events and workshops organized by the program.
  • Students participate with their projects in exhibitions, events and festivals worldwide: 
  • Katherine Valle, with her short film Flin (2017), has won more than 30 awards at different festivals worldwide.
  • Juan Fernando Terán (Class of 2006) is co-founder of the Matte studio, developing different projects, both for advertising and entertainment, and has participated in high-impact festivals such as Pixelátl and the Festival International de l'Animation Annecy, among others.

Professional profile

  • Some of our graduates work around the world on animation, concept art, video games, storyboards, and illustration projects.
  • The Digital Animation program annually organizes the Animate event with high-level international exhibitors who have worked in companies such as Sony, Marvel, DC, and Disney, among others.
  • Every year, the program participates in the largest convention of POP culture in Ecuador, Comic Con Ecuador, in which student works are exhibited in front of more than 40,000 people.
  • Active professors linked in the national and international industry, working on video game projects, TV series, and advertising spots.
  • Knowledge and implementation of the rules and management of storytelling.
  • Propose solutions for communication products of a narrative, technical, and aesthetic nature.
  • Work as a team and value the contributions and knowledge of other members of a multidisciplinary group to meet objectives and goals.
  • Knowledge of the production pipeline in different areas of animation.

Professional field

  • 2D and 3D animators for different animation or video game projects.
  • 3D modelers for different animation or video game projects.
  • Concept Artist or Visual Developers for different animation or video game projects.
  • Storyboard Artist for different animation projects, video games, or live action.
  • Character designers for different animation or video game projects.
  • FX artist and compositing for different animation projects, video games, and live action.
  • Illustrators for different animation projects, video games, editorials, or comics.


Testimonials from Our Graduates:

“I had the opportunity to study at USFQ 3D Animation and Multimedia, as a final degree project, and with the support of my professors and Animation faculty, I produced a 3D animated short called 'Seven Cities of Meteora' winner of the 'Animec', Ecuador's first Animation Festival in 2008. Briefly, after completing my studies, I worked at local production companies in Quito as a 3D Generalist from 2007 to 2011, such as Filmofilms and Filmeikers, until I decided to move to Vancouver, Canada. I have worked as a 3D Animator in VFX and Feature Animation studios such as MPC, Scanline, Cinesite, Sony, and Nitrogen Studios, among others. I had the opportunity to work on various productions such as 'Smallfoot', 'Sausage Party', 'Addams Familiy', 'Justice League', 'The Mummy', 'Dark Tower', 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu', 'Alpha', 'Henchmen'; and other TV productions, such as 'Slugterra' and 'Max Steel'.

Currently I work at Scanline VFX as 3D Animator in "King Kong vs Godzilla". I feel very fortunate and proud to have been part of the USFQ family, which has given me the tools and bases to be able to fulfill my professional goals.”

- Nicholas Hogan, 3D animator at Scanline VFX -

"I am currently working at Boulder Media as a 2D animator for the animated series 'DC Super Hero Girls'. I have participated in 'Rescue Bots Academy U' (2D Animator), the feature film 'Legends' (2d animator FX animator), 'PGBC' (2D Animator), 'Becky G Next to You', 'Ted Ed 100 years of Solitude' (Storyboard Artist), and a wide variety of advertising productions for Coca Cola and Nike, among others. The University of San Francisco allowed me to be versatile and adaptable, to perform in multiple disciplines, and to expand my field of work to different sectors of entertainment and animation."

- Gustavo García, 2d Animator at Boulder Media -

“My four years at USFQ were key years for training me both professionally and personally. The university provided me with the tools I needed to know myself, discover my dreams, and boldly shape my goals. I developed not only artistically but also in my communication, understanding, and critical thinking skills. One of the virtues that I am most thankful to the University for is for opening my mind to see what surrounds me from different perspectives. I graduated from the Digital Animation program and then I decided to fulfill one of my dreams. I won a scholarship to complete a Masters in Visual Communication in South Korea, where I lived for four years. Now I know that without all the experience and knowledge I gained at the University of San Francisco de Quito, my life abroad would have been much more difficult to cope with.”

- Natalia Dávila, 2D Animator -

“Thanks to the University of San Francisco de Quito,  I not only had the opportunity to study the program that interested me, since it was a pioneer in the area of ​​animation. When I graduated, that knowledge allowed me to work in various related areas, such as video editing for television, post-production of documentaries and content creation for the web, finally getting to work where I wanted: video games. Later on, these same teachings and this way of learning to seek the truth, are what allowed me to pursue my masters degree abroad, being on a par with my colleagues, and graduating with honors.”

- José David Larrea, Alumni and professor of Digital Animation at USFQ -

“The University of San Francisco de Quito gave me fundamental bases of animation that I needed to enter the world of international commercials and films, which I still apply today at work. For 7 years I have been working in 3D and 2D animation, mainly in 3D character animation. Among the films I have worked on are 'Condorito the movie', 'Lionheart', and shorts like 'Afterworks'. My job functions range from 2D animation techniques, storyboarding, layout, rigging, animation, direction, and editing.”

- Paúl Barragán - 2D and 3D animator -


Comments from our teachers:

"Today, animation is part of everyday life and allows us to communicate efficiently and directly. That is why creating, imagining, communicating, and bringing your ideas to life are part of our mission in the Digital Animation program. We are pioneers in Ecuador and we have forged high-level professionals who are working in the animation, video games, illustration, and production industries worldwide.”

- Karla Chiriboga, USFQ professor -

“Studying Digital Animation is taking a journey to learn how to give movement to your stories and to all those characters that live in our minds. At USFQ we are pioneers in the animation industry, we have specialized laboratories and we seek to train animators who understand movement, being versatile in 2D and 3D environments, so that with these tools they can tell their own stories.”

- Gabriela Vayas, USFQ professor -

Academic Faculty

Demo Reel

This Demo Reel belong to the career of Digital Animation, belonging to the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. In this Reel you can see several thesis projects and production works of the students of the career.

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