Environmental Management

College of Biological and Environmental Sciences
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"We link conservation and business creativity for a more sustainable development"

Environmental Management

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management
4 years
Teaching Mode
Blended Learning

The Environmental Management program focuses on the main areas of administration and environmental science through a blended in-person and virtual learning environment. The program also focuses on company management, projects, processes, and organizations relating to the management and conservation of natural resources and ecotourism activities. Through this, different solutions are studied for better environmental management practices in both public and private fields, aimed at achieving better environmental conservation. By studying effective and strategic proposals on the topics of analysis and implementation, USFQ's future professionals can obtain basic skills and perform their job requirements responsibly.


  • Highly qualified professionals with exceptional academic training (Ph.D., M.A., and M.S.) from renowned international universities, with extensive local and international experience, as well as excellent human qualities.
  • A program grid designed to train academically rigorous leaders with international vision in business and environmental practices, promoting free, creative, and innovative people, who will act with social responsibility in professional fields of environmental management.
  • A plan of study that provides theoretical and practical experience through field trips.
  • Possibility of participation in national and international research projects.
  • Agreements with national and international organizations for internships, volunteering, and exchange programs.
  • First-rate technology infrastructure within various facilities and laboratories at the USFQ Galapagos extension.

Profile of the graduated professional

USFQ’s Environmental Management graduates are capable of understanding the interactions between biology and society, and therefore contributing with possible environmental management, awareness, and communication strategies in favor of sustainable development within local, national, and international environmental management organizations. Graduates are also capable of working in interdisciplinary teams within sustainable development or conservation projects, where values and skills related to environmental caring, professional ethics, and communication are required.


“I enjoy studying Environmental Management because I have the best professors, at a super affordable cost compared to other universities. For the Environmental Management program, I don't think there is a better place in Ecuador than Galapagos. With exchange programs, there is the possibility of meeting students and professors from all over the world. Listening to their opinions and ideas will give you a broader view of real-world problems and how to solve them."

- Daniel Puma Keegan Ricaurte - Environmental Management Student (blended) of the USFQ Galapagos Extension -

“My name is Wilson Andrade, I am 21 years old and I study Environmental Management at the USFQ Galapagos extension. During these 3 years at USFQ, I have learned that barriers are only in our minds. Most of the teachers are amazing and have so much knowledge and experience that you will certainly learn a lot during the classes. There are several things that I like about USFQ, one of them is Liberal Arts where everyone can be themselves, without prejudice or authority that forces them to do something that they do not want: you can simply be yourself and experiment in any branch of knowledge. This university offers countless opportunities to achieve our dreams, which is why I recommend it to anyone who has not yet decided which university to choose. Similarly, USFQ together with the Galapagos Science Center leads all kinds of scientific research in which all students can participate in such a great opportunity.”

- Wilson Roberto Andrade Ballesteros - Environmental Management Student (blended) of the USFQ Galapagos Extension -

Academic Faculty

Daniela Proaño
Environmental Management Coordinator
Directora Académica y de Bienestar Estudiantil de Programas de Pregrado de la Extensión USFQ Galápagos
(+593 2) 297-1700
USFQ Galápagos Extension
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Environmental Management Coordinator
Directora Académica y de Bienestar Estudiantil de Programas de Pregrado de la Extensión USFQ Galápagos
USFQ Galápagos Extension
(+593 2) 297-1700