José Ramón Mora

President Institute of Computational Simulation USFQ
HPC-USFQ Administrator
(+593 2) 297-1700
Hayek Building, H103L
  • Post-doctorate in Organic Physicochemistry, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil.
  • Dr. in Sciences, Chemistry concentration (eq. PhD.), Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research, Venezuela.
  • Degree in Chemistry, Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela.
Professional Profile

José Ramón Mora holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences. He is a professor at the College of Sciences and Engineering at the San Francisco University of Quito (Ecuador). He has expertise in Organic Physical Chemistry. Regarding experimental projects, he has notable projects dedicated to the development of catalysts for biofuel production, and projects focused on production and modification of biomaterials. In the computational area, his projects focused on applications of computational methods to reaction mechanism problems and problems related to drug discovery by using various databases containing sets of molecules that have been tested for specific biological activities. He has found computational models based on Machine Learning to predict different biological activities by using molecular descriptors. These were tested for screening important databases such as DrugBank, Natural Products, and DiaNat. He has authored 119 scientific articles indexed in SCOPUS (Scopus Author ID: 7201560690). 


Personal: Exercise, Running, Cycling