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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
9 semesters
Teaching Mode
Face to Face Learning

In the Mathematics program encompasses an education in the most general structures of logical thinking, as well as abstract terms, the management of fluency and precision of mathematical language when interpreting sentences, modeling situations, ideas, demonstrations, solving problems, and linking knowledge. From these contents, the applications of mathematical modeling in disciplines so diverse that they can range from engineering to natural sciences and the arts are studied. The topics of analysis and implementation of effective proposals and strategies are addressed in a general way so that future professionals can obtain basic skills for their competence and the responsible performance of their functions as mathematicians.



What does the the Mathematics program at USFQ consist of?

  • Providing personalized education based on the interests of each student.
  • It manages to integrate multiple teaching and evaluation strategies where each student's personal project proposal is heard and valued.
  • Mathematics at USFQ implies forming part of a family with people prepared to help students grow professionally and personally.
  • It is one of the programs with the greatest current future outlook due to its high demand in the professional and scientific fields.
  • It teaches comprehensive training that allows entrepreneurship in the research area or in the professional field, both in the branches of engineering and science, as well as in the social sciences.
  • It provides an opportunity to participate in national and international mathematical competitions such as CIIM, OIMU, Galois-Noether, and OMEC, in which several students from the program have been winners.
  • The USFQ Mathematics degree is part of the Ecuadorian Mathematical Society.
  • It offers the opportunity to carry out and publish scientific achievements at the highest level, working with professors who are scientists, researchers, leaders, and pioneers in their fields of study and research around the world.
  • It provides an opportunity to access international exchange programs, where one can learn about another culture and build international labor relations.
  • Respecting the diversity of learning and teaching math.
  • USFQ presents a contemporary and up-to-date vision of what it means to do math.

Carrier field

Graduates of the Mathematics program have a wide range of application possibilities in scientific areas, technological innovation, technology transfer, and teaching, among others; additionally, this is one of the fields with a small number of specialists in Ecuador, which implies that by studying this major, there is a significant projection of professional success.

In addition to the specialization courses, USFQ is the only University to incorporate the philosophy of Liberal Arts that allows complementing so that the graduate has multidisciplinary tools.

Some graduates of the USFQ Mathematics program have been admitted to graduate programs in different countries such as; Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Brazil, and France, among others.

Global organizations recognize mathematicians as capable professionals who can enroll in current and future areas of specialization, such as: data scientist, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, computer simulation, etc.

Graduates of the USFQ Mathematics program are able to provide scientific support to other areas such as chemistry, physics, economy, mechatronics, computer science, bioinformatics, etc.


Testimonials from Our Graduates:

"Now that I have finished my Mathematics studies at USFQ, I see with satisfaction the experiences I went through at this university, the classes, the friends, my foreign exchange year, and of course, the professors. I have the certainty that I received the preparation to continue with my studies anywhere in the world. I had the opportunity to prove this was so during the year that I was an exchange student, during which time I tested my knowledge and compared USFQ with a European university, in which the educational system is totally different. I reached the conclusion that USFQ's Mathematics program is at the same level as those of international universities."

- Andrea Rojas -

"I think that studying Mathematics at USFQ has been a facilitator of creative development in any other academic area related to everyday life. Due to the education I received at the General College at USFQ, once we complete a Mathematics class we are able to put the lessons learned and the creative ability obtained into practice in other academic areas. In my case, the General College has also allowed me to discover and take advantage of the desire to study Psychology, an area of ​​knowledge that, through Mathematics, opens a path to make great strides in the process of solidifying itself as a science."

- Romnie Acosta -

"Many people tell me that I must be crazy for choosing to study math, for burying myself in numbers and forgetting about my social life. The truth is that everyone who wants to do something different has been called 'crazy' at some point, and that is exactly how I feel when I do math. Studying Mathematics is actually doing Mathematics. As abstract as this may seem, it is clear that nobody learns it only in ‘theory’, it is practice, practice, practice. Although one learns from the knowledge and research of people who have done this before you, the only way to master the subject is to dive deep into it, explore it, make mistakes, and learn. I have never been concerned with what I could do as a mathematician upon graduation. Mathematics serves everything and is the basis of everything: if I master it, the doors will be opened to me in any field that I want to specialize in. If something is clear it is that we are still too few mathematicians, and compared to the demand for mathematicians, the supply is low, so there is work for a while."

- Ana Paola Castillo -


Our Teachers' Comments:

"I like it, I love it, and I am thrilled to be a professor at USFQ because of the spirit of freedom, of innovation, of doing things well that drives USFQ. I am proud that we have taught students to be able to aspire and achieve lofty goals worldwide, which has definitely differentiated us in Ecuador. Many students have passed through my classes, who are now professors at major universities, who work at world-class technologically innovative companies, and who are researchers at the best universities in the world. I want to believe that, in part, their eagerness to excel is due to what we communicate to them with the USFQ spirit."

- Carlos Jiménez, Ph.D. -

"Without a doubt, USFQ provides the best environment for teaching and research work. In the more than ten years that I have been linked to the institution, I have had all the support to perfect myself as a professor, and also grow as a human being, by being in a place that enhances the creative capacity of people and encourages them to give their best. Authorities, professors, administrative staff, and students contribute to this unique atmosphere, making each of us feel privileged and proud to be part of the USFQ community."

- Dr. Eduardo Alba -

"I really enjoy my work at USFQ. The teaching experiences have been wonderful. I remember one time when I decided to give a two-stage exam in Complex Analysis, the rules were simple: the students came in to take the exam and at the end of the hour and 20 minutes of class the students turned in the exam. Two days later they returned to complete the exam empty-handed, but to my surprise, they didn't have enough time to do so. I did not hesitate to continue with the experiment and during the third time, they finished the famous exam. The results were very good and what fascinated me the most is that in a week and a half I could notice a really significant change. Speaking with me informally, students mentioned they had never studied so much and in a different way. They were given the freedom and opportunity to demonstrate that they can do things the right way, which motivated them so much that the experience was unique and unrepeatable. This type of environment is why I like working at USFQ."

- David Hervas, Ph.D. -

"It is an honor to have the opportunity to work with professionals who, in addition to having a broad knowledge in each of their fields, are people with a broad sense of humanity: generous, kind, and caring. It also is and has been a pleasant and enriching experience to share Mathematics with students from USFQ, because they are always overflowing with enthusiasm, especially in Polytechnic engineering careers; the most enthusiastic students, with their sometimes fundamental questions, often force me to question my own beliefs and methods."

- Julio Ibarra, M.Sc. -

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