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College of Health Sciences
About us

The institute is a USFQ dependent entity, organized to facilitate comprehensive scientific research in biomedical areas such as: physiology, genetics, endocrinology, reproduction, molecular and cellular biology, epidemiology, health, and ethno-medicine. It is located on USFQ's main campus and aims to be part of the worldwide “One Health” movement that seeks to forge collaborations between doctors, biotechnologists, veterinary doctors, and other related scientific disciplines alike. The complexity of the subject requires collaboration with multiple scientific approaches to achieve the proper creation of high-quality graduate programs and encourage applied scientific research in the various fields that comprise it.

Research Interests

Research in human and animal physiology in production processes; genetics and molecular biology; endocrinology, human and animal reproduction; epidemiology, ethno-medicine and comprehensive health.



Academic staff
Andrés Bernardo Caicedo Páliz
BioMed Researcher
Director of the Research Laboratory
Biomedical Research Institute iBiomed Coordinator of Strategic Developments
Medical Specialties Building, HDLV-152

Promote scientific investigation of physiological phenomena at the molecular, cellular, organic, and population levels using a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach; and the projection of their knowledge and technologies to the understanding of solutions for human and animal diseases. Likewise, to form high-level human talent for the academic and scientific sector.


To consolidate itself as a pioneering center in comprehensive health research, developing a trajectory of excellence through the training of researchers of high academic quality, promoting the research leadership of USFQ in the country, and keeping scientific exchange active internationally.



  • Ramiro Fernando Díaz Bolaños
  • Director
  • Telephone: 297 1700 ext.: 2071
  • Email:
  • Pedro Manuel Aponte García
  • Academic director of graduate studies
  • Telephone: 297 1700 ext.: 2201
  • Email:


  • Andres Bernardo Caicedo Páliz
  • Strategic Development Coordinator 
  • Telephone: 297 1700 ext.: 4039
  • Email:
  • Francisco Javier Cabrera Aulestia.
  • Undergraduate academic coordinator
  • Telephone: 297 1700 ext.: 1039
  • Email:
  • Rommel Lenin Vinueza Sierra
  • Financial Coordinator 
  • Telephone: 297 1700 ext.: 1871
  • Email:



The institute will carry out research along the following lines:

a. Animal biotechnology
b. Human, animal, and plant infectious diseases
c. Molecular epidemiology
d. Health and environment
e. Animal production
f. One Health
g. Infection immunology


  1. Training, continuing education
  2. Public service:
    1. Diagnostic tests
    2. Dissemination/didactic material.
    3. Consulting
    4. Sales of biological material
    5. Conservation of stem cells.


Country: France
Type of collaboration: Research, training, exchanges.


Country: Ecuador 
Collaboration type: Research, Technology Transfer.

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