Instituto de Patrimonio y Turismo Sostenible

College of Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Tourism
About us

The Institute of Heritage and Sustainable Tourism is a non-profit organization whose objective is to promote scientific or creative research in the tourism, gastronomy, hospitality, food, or beverage sectors. The main purpose is to generate the necessary tools to enhance culinary identity, food heritage, and sustainable gastronomy.


  • Promote scientific or creative research in the tourism, gastronomy, hospitality, food, or beverage sectors to strengthen identity, promote culture, or create spaces for economic development.
  • Identify, promote, and manage good practices in sustainable tourism. Additionally, drive and encourage sustainable development in fragile and biodiverse ecosystems.
  • Generate social and economic impact based on the Sustainable Development Goals, fostering quality and sustainability processes throughout the value chain of companies focused on tourism activities.
  • Contribute to the professional growth of students by involving them in the institute's activities.

The Institute of Heritage and Sustainable Tourism will promote and lead projects that are relevant to academia, industry, or the community, thereby addressing the scarcity of research in this field. Through these projects, tools can be evaluated, generated, and disseminated to drive socioeconomic development.

Research Interests

Sustainable tourism: climate change, conservation, environmental management, protected area management, cultural resource management, visitor site management, and destinations.

Food and beverages: nutrition, agribusiness, sustainable gastronomy.

Management: marketing and promotion, trends and innovation, service quality, hotel management.

Culture: local development, cultural studies, gastronomic heritage, inclusive tourism.

Academic staff

Develop research, consulting, or projects that promote mutual benefit between academia, industry, and communities, proposing tourism as a tool to safeguard heritage and foster sustainable development.


Be the country's leading institute in development, innovation, and sustainability, driving socioeconomic progress in the hospitality, tourism, food, or beverage sectors. Generating models of responsible resource use and management based on the principles of conservation and revaluation of heritage.


Juan Carlos Valdivieso
(+593 2) 297-1700, ext. 1234

Esteban Tapia
(+593 2) 297-1700, ext. 1930

Sebastián Navas
(+593 2) 297-1700, ext. 1385

Research Lines

  • Food: properties, technology, and gastronomy.
  • Service and Quality in Hospitality and Tourism.


Entity Name: Slow Food
Country: Italy
Type of Collaboration: Alliance

Entity Name: University of South Alabama
Country: United States
Type of Collaboration: CHAT Agreement

Entity Name: COSPE
Country: Italy
Type of Collaboration: Joint Project

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