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Bachelor of Arts in Gastronomy
8 semesters
Teaching Mode
Face to Face Learning

The main objective of the program is to train quality professionals, who know the national culinary reality and the heritage of our products, in the field of gastronomy. Students will be able to successfully operate in different spheres of the gastronomic field, proactively contributing to both public and private companies, for the transformation of quality gastronomy in the country, providing solutions based on academic research and critical thinking. At the same time, they will possess solid knowledge, both theoretical and practical, that will give them the ability to direct companies and organizations in the field, contributing to the quality of the service, tourism, economic, and gastronomic development of the country. 


  • We are part of Alliance by Paul Bocuse, a highly selective and innovative international network founded by the Paul Bocuse Institute in 2004. The network has 20 partner universities in 20 different countries around the world, including: Canada, Chile, Ecuador , Finland, France, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Peru, United States, Thailand, and more.
  • Our kitchens are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and kitchen utensils. In addition, we constantly innovate and improve of our classrooms and laboratories.
  • Every semester the College of Hospitality, Culinary Art and Tourism organizes a series of internal competitions that motivate Gastronomy students to participate and test their knowledge to compete to be the university’s representatives in national and international competitions. The contests focus on the different cooking areas such as hot and cold cooking, bakery and pastry.
  • In our campus we have 6 restaurants open to the public, where our students put their knowledge into practice by contributing to the operation of restaurants and developing special products to sell. Our restaurants include: a crepe and salad station (Pyramide), an in-house bakery and delicatessen (Ambrosía), a classic Italian trattoria (Amore Mio), an executive lunch buffet (Vía Bonita), and a snack cafe and fast food (No Sea Malito). In addition to the restaurants, we have a luxury catering (Epikus), where our students have the opportunity to be part of the kitchen team for bigger events.
  • Marcus is our Fine Dining category restaurant open to the public. It works as a gastronomic laboratory, where our students carry out pre-professional practices and apply their knowledge. Additionally, students must develop a menu that will go on sale for a week in the restaurant. It should be a multi-course and highly complex menu that fits the high level of the restaurant. For the menu to be approved, students must make a prior tasting before authorities and chefs of the faculty.
  • We have industry leading professional teachers: Erick Dreyer, Professor of French Haute Cuisine; he is a USFQ Alumni and owner chef of the Ciré Restaurant. Cyril Prud´homme, professor of Chocolate, Fine Confectionery and Pastry; he owns Cyril Boutique. Alejandro Chamorro, professor of Basic Cooking Techniques II; he is a USFQ Alumni and owner chef of NUEMA Restaurant.

Gastronomic Laboratories

Gastronomy students receive their practical cooking classes in fully equipped classrooms, with all the tools and supplies necessary to learn, develop and perfect the techniques and recipes taught by the chefs in each class.

In addition, as a support to the class labs, students can access tools such as dishes to present their creations, decoration for events, equipment to perform their practices, etc. that are constantly renewed to be at the forefront of trends.

Pre-professional practice

Internal practices

During the course of their studies, students have the opportunity to do pre-professional internships in the 7 restaurants of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito: Cafeteria No Sea Malito, Restaurant Via Bonita, Amore Mio, Pirámide Crepe Station, Ambrosía Bakery, Epikus Catering Boutique and Marcus Restaurant. This allows the students to acquire their first professional experience with real clients within a controlled work environment in which they put into practice the knowledge acquired during their cooking, service and administration classes. 

All these practices are carried out under the guidance of our chefs and teachers. As they continue to advance in their career, students are required to create suggestions or menus that will be available to the public. 

External internships

In order for our students to have greater exposure to the labor field, the College of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Tourism has established alliances with the most important companies for the industry within Ecuador: hotels, inns, restaurants, travel agencies, airlines, among others. Within their career, the student will have to do an internship in one of the establishments of their preference, with the opportunity to create links with industry leaders.

International Agreements

Disney International Program

The agreement with Disney International Programs allows our students to do pre-professional internships at the Walt Disney World Resort's theme parks and hotels in Orlando, Florida. For 6 months, program participants can live a cultural experience where they will meet young people from more than 20 countries around the world while working for one of the leading companies in the hospitality and entertainment industry. In addition, they will continue their studies through an agreement with San Ignacio University.

Institute Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance

This agreement allows our students to access a summer program at the Institut Paul Bocuse, one of the most recognized cooking schools in the world, located in Lyon-France. The Advanced Culinary Arts Program lasts 3 months, where participants receive theoretical classes and do practical work in the different laboratories and restaurants of the institute.

In addition, the USFQ is a member of the international network of 22 leading universities in culinary education around the world. This allows our students to participate in the academic programs of all these schools.

Les Roches

This exclusive agreement between Universidad San Francisco de Quito and Les Roches Global Hospitality Education Switzerland, a world leader in hospitality education, allows our students to enjoy an enriching experience that will change their lives and their professional careers. Students will be able to choose between a semester in Switzerland, Spain and China where they will be able to interact with more than 2700 hospitality students from more than 100 countries, as well as do an internship at the Hotel Escuela and different service companies in Europe and the world.


GLION Institute of Higher Education is a school specialized in hospitality education. It has a campus in London and one in Switzerland. Through an agreement with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, our students can study their last semester at Glion and access specializations for their career as: Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality, International Development and Finance or International Event Management.

Professional Field

The Bachelor's in Gastronomy trains its students to work in the areas of food and beverages in companies and institutions such as:

  • Restaurants.
  • Franchises.
  • Pubs.
  • Cafes
  • Hotels and cruises.
  • Social and corporate events.
  • Social and business catering.
  • Social and sports clubs.
  • Catering for airlines.
  • Food production industries.

Professional positions held by our Alumni:

  • Food and beverages manager.
  • Executive chef.
  • Business catering supervisor.
  • Quality supervisor.
  • Head of banquets and social events.
  • Teacher.
  • Gastronomic researcher.
  • Consultant.


"USFQ gave me the opportunity to have many options in the professional field since, as a university, we have a very good opening in the companies in this field and internships allow us to have the experience that employers request."

- Andrea Carvajal -

“I chose the career for the passion of cooking. I transferred to USFQ from another university program due to the quality of professionals and the teams and the support of a first-rate university."

- Pavel Carrillo - 

“The benefits of the University are all the contacts that you have once you graduate and the contacts that you make during your education. With the talks and various activities, you meet many people who help you get involved in the industry, get jobs, and internships. I find the incorporation of external teachers interesting since it allows for observing the testimony of different people in each class. The best decision of my life was to study Gastronomy because it helped me travel and meet many people from different cultures. Furthermore, it allows me to eat deliciously and constantly acquire new knowledge.”

- David Simbaña -

"This institution is characterized by innovating, the laboratories have been renovated and the students have various 'toys' as we cooks call them, this is a tangible advantage apart from all the intangible elements that the students possess. I see that in the Ecuadorian cooking class, the tradition of Ecuadorian cuisine is being highly respected, and it is important to start from the techniques, the preparations, and above all the traditional and typical flavors to catapult our gastronomy to the next level.”

- Rafael Hernández -


Our Professors' Comments:

"The College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts is the friendliest place to work within USFQ since it allows us to have a good relationship between the professors. This benefits the student as they encounter no contradictions."

- Ana Teresa Pérez, professor of Culinary Art -

Academic Faculty

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